A Difference Of Opinion

OK, so not quite sure where to go with this. I’m running out of time, and need to get this thing moving. So, it says that there’s new info on Christa, but what perhaps should that be. Can’t quite remember when I did the outline for this what I should have had in here. At the moment, we know that Christa is with Andreas and Leekasha, and that both have gone through a transformation of sorts. They are however, at odds with Christa’s goals at the moment, based on what they’ve done. They’re basically killing and being like traditional zombies. What are Christa’s goals at the moment. She’s basically tired of having her mind interrupted all the time by the trapped zombies under the drugs calling for help. She wants to put an end to that, but not just for her own personal relief, but because she feels it’s wrong. And, perhaps, it’s because there’s something in her biology that is driving her to take care of her people. She was the next mutation remember, and she does have a responsibility to them. She’s sort of like their mother. She also feels guilty for them being in this situation. The people at Fort Knox (Dr. Montgomery etc) used her to come up with the drug for imprisoning everyone. Leekasha and Andreas have different goals as well. Well, maybe the same sort of goals, but just more direct (violent) in their approach to reaching the goals. Maybe this scene, should be another battle between Christa and Andreas and Leekasha this time. Some kind of battle, that actually seperates them. Causes them to go in opposite directions. Where, she starts off stalking Chaz’s family. Would she get into the prison to do that? Or maybe, we need to tie in the revolutionary (not to be confused with the renegades Andreas and Leekasha) faction, that might say break Caius out of prison. Right, so I think this one is about Christa. So, where does this one take place. They should be heading back to Christa’s place in the swamps. We could start off with them driving on the way there to the swamp sinkholes. Discussions ensue, differences of opinion arise, and when they stop for gas, Andreas and Leekasha disappear. He is more powerful, he is the next one. So, here’s the other thing. Why would Christa start stalking Chaz’s family? Because, maybe she knows he’s after her. Maybe, somehow the connection with Alex, gives her glimpses of it. Maybe, she knows, that someone would be after her because of the recent events (boat, bar) and that she needs some leverage. But, why leverage with Chaz’s family? Wouldn’t that just make her more obvious. Maybe, she knows it’s Chaz, and she figures getting a message to him through his family would get him to leave her alone. Maybe, she just wants to go on and live in peace. She things, that what she’s done, has just made things worse, and now she needs to get out. Chaz of course, continues to persue her and forces her hand later in the story. She has tried for six years to reach a zombie, she wouldn’t give up quite that early. I might be getting ahead of myself into the next scene. For this scene, we just want to see a break up of the three of them, and do some character building for all three. Especially Leekasha, as we haven’t done anything with her yet.

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