All Ashore

So, I’m thinking the basic premise of this scene, will show that Andreas is capable of more than Christa ever was. I’m thinking, that Andreas should be the next big mutation. I’m thinking, that he hasn’t left the ship, even though the captain is dead, and Christa is still there. Leekasha is still there as well, but still under control of the drug. I was thinking that Chaz would turn Leekesha here, but I notice now, that actually happens later in the story, down in the first pinch point. We can’t quite do that yet. Good thing you have a structure to keep you in check. I’m thinking, maybe we do something a little more subtle here. This was supposed to be where Andreas was supposed to be rescued. You’ve gone a bit further with that story line now, then you’d originally planned. This is much better though, with Christa saving him, instead of him just getting away from the drug by being under water. So, what I’m thinking here, is that Christa and Andreas must have a chat. Maybe we do some character building here with Andreas. Find out what kind of a guy he was before he went zombie … actually that he was a bit of a prick is where we want to go. He doesn’t know, and I shouldn’t reveal yet, that he’s the next mutation, so where do we go with him. First, he should be in a bit of shock. He’s not really zombie anymore, he’s evolved … he’s mutated like Christa did in the last one, but it’s an incomplete process at this point. He should be more human than zombie, but confused. Unsure as to where he is, and what happened. Maybe he should tell some story from his past that reveals what kind of a jerk he was. Maybe, he was holding up a gas station or bank or something. Some kind of illegal act. What’s Leekasha doing through all of this. She should be maybe lost, confused … maybe she approaches Andreas sexually somehow. Like they were a couple before. Maybe he rejects her at first. OK, so open the scene with a lot of confusion. A dead captain with blood and guts everywhere. Always a good way to start. Let’s go with that.

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