Comatose Dreams

So, here we go with the next scene. Chaz woke up from a coma, and has made a somewhat mysterious deal with the General speaking on behalf of the government for Chaz to do some undisclosed mission and the government won’t court martial him for his behaviour, and they won’t throw his family in jail for illegaly leaving the country six years ago. Which of course, gives Chaz a chance … a small one to reunite with them. So the other question I would like to address here, is how did Chaz actually end up in a coma in the first place. And, more specifically what really happened in that battle as they left fort knox. That’s what your thinking about here really aren’t you? I’m thinking, it should have something to do with Christa. She did do a lot of changing during their stay at Fort Knox, and everyone kept warning Chaz and Alex about it but they choose to ignore … and we all saw what kind of a mess Patient Zero was in. So, you have to assume, that Christa is going down that same path … although she is more evolved, so that gives me some latitude for making changes … and she did have some human interaction and relationship building with both Alex and Chaz before changing, so that should count for something … right? That whole love conquers all theme and stuff. So why would Christa put Chaz into a coma? To protect him? To take him out of the action? To let her get away? To prevent him from seeing what she was about to do? Ohhh I kind of like that one. What was she about to do? Maybe change back into something … maybe hurt someone … maybe reveal a power/ability that she didn’t want anyone to know about. Something secretive. And, now who should be telling Chaz all of this? Probably none of the people on the base … they’ve got no reason to do that, unless of course, they just happen to mention it inadvertently. How about, if Patzy (patient zero) talks to Chaz through telekenisis or something. Maybe, by talking through the machines Chaz is hooked up to on his bed. Maybe, because she talked to him before, she has some sort of imprint on her brain about him, and was able to reach him through the machines. Can she exert control over him? Physically? Maybe it starts again as a hulicination … oh oh oh … maybe it was Patzy, that woke him from the coma …. Or even better, kept him in the coma, perhaps at the request of Christa? Maybe, suggest at that perhaps she has more control over the people in the base then she allows.  

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