Family Heartache

So, where do we go now with the family. Last time we heard like six years ago, Abby and Caius and Shax had all run off to Peru to get away from the freaks running around North America. Chaz was desperately looking for them to gain some sort of closure with the family. The most he found, was her old house and her laptop. The laptop left clues, that there had been another man in her life but it was over. He took the laptop with him, and eventually ended up having a video call with her, where she was still upset over their whole split, and wasn’t ready to have the kids traumatized over the incident by talking with him, so he never actually got to talk with them. And, now six years later, he finds out that the entire family was brought to court, and are facing prison time for the crime of leaving the continent, and potentially putting the rest of the world at risk for the activity. So, what do we want to show in this section. Well, they should likely be in some hold facility of some sort to start with. Caius the son has become even more rebilious since the trial. He was pretty rebilious to start, what with being without a father. Maybe, it should start with a conversation he and his mother have about him having visitors that were known to be members of the renegade faction. What should we call the renegades. Fringe? How about Freakers? Maybe Freakerz. Yea, maybe that one. So, basically Caius hates his father for never being there but won’t admit it, is pissed at his mother, and now is facing prison time. Maybe the Freakerz … lets call them Freeze are offering Caius a way out. Maybe making promises they can’t keep, but something like a reduced prison time or something if he helps them out. They like the political profile it gives them … or maybe just the media attention. Let’s say, that Shax won’t speak to anyone, that it’s some sort of misdiagnosed condition, but she wouldn’t speak through the trial … maybe except to Caius. She whispers everything to her brother only. What we really want to do in this scene, is a bit of character introduction. Let the readers know about the family and what’s going on. Do they know about Chaz’s awakening … not sure on that. I didn’t say anything about it during the prior scene, so let’s say, that mom knows, but she’s keeping it a secret, and doesn’t want to tell the kids, but in secret through his connections with the renegade faction Freeze, Caius knows. Ok, let’s go with that.

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