Family Ties

So, lets talk about the family. Oh I don’t know about this, so where do we go. I must admit, I do really like this friggin about with writing whatever or whatever that is sort of on topic, but not really, and I really do have to say, that I’m kind of excite about how this has worked so far. It does kind of get my brain thinking about what it is that I should be writing about. So, with Chaz’s family … oh yea, and I forgot to mention, that I have the spotify jazz channel playing while I write this little warm up … ohh, I’m just a little excited. So, here’s where we want to go with this. I’m thinking, that Chaz had sort of given up on his family when he took off with Alex and ultimately Christa to get into Fort Knox, even though, he has spent a bunch of time chasing after them earlier. Now, he has a chance to learn where they are, what’s happen to them (what has actually happened to them? … gonna have to give that some thought). So who should give Chaz this information. I suppose, that Montgomery could give him the information. I wonder, if this scene is in the right order. I suppose, it would work that way. Or, perhaps after the “Why Am I In a Coma” scene. Not sure, I suppose it depends on why he’s in a coma … I think we’ll do this one first. I’m thinking, that maybe Christa put him in the coma. That could be pretty cool. The beginning of her slipping to the darker side of things … will we bring her back again? Not sure … that would make for an interesting character arc for her I suppose. So, we need some cool stuff to work in here. The basic premise I think, is that Chaz finally has a chance to get back with his family. Last we heard, they were in Peru, and didn’t want anything to do with Chaz. But, they could have also been on the go. Oh right, we were going to consider that the government wanted Chaz back in action, so he would have to do work for them, before they bring him back. We could say, that they left when they shouldn’t have, and did so illegaly. Maybe the government could bring them back, only if Chaz agrees to work with the Regents (government) regarding the freaks. They are all supposedly under control of the drug, but they’re are suscipions that some may not be under the influence they should be, and Christa is still unaccounted for. That could be the hook.  

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