Morning Pages Entry – April 04, 2014

So, let’s talk about productivity. I just read a little blurb from a facebook link about Parkinsons law. I kind of skimmed through the article, but it’s based sort of on the principal, that you really get the most amount of work done, when your under some sort of tight time restriction. Like you’ve procrastinated on doing something for a week, and it’s absolutely now due by the end of the day, so you work like crazy for a few hours and get the thing done. We’ve all done that before, and I definitely do it all the time. I wonder, can I impose some sort of deadline like that every day to get more shit done in a day. The article gave a few examples of how to use it, like work with your laptop charger unplugged. When the battery is done, your done to. I couldn’t to that with this laptop, as the battery only works for about 15 minutes. But, perhaps I could impose something like don’t work after lunch. Basically work like a madman all morning, and then stop for lunch, and don’t start again. It was one of the suggestions in the article. It would be worth doing for a week. If I went like mad, trying to get my 5000 words done before lunch time, that would be amazing. If you could write like that for three weeks, you’d have a rough draft of a novel. Then you could spend the next week marketing, networking, doing covers, editing, or whatever. It definitely sounds attractive. Imagine how you would feel, being that productive just in the morning. And, imagine all the fun stuff you could do in the afternoon. All the fun things you could do, without feeling any guilt. Like I so often feel, when I have shitty productive days lately. You could read a book, you could play games, you could watch movies or TV shows, you could go work on the boat, you could do more cooking (healthy stuff that would be good for everyone). You could do stuff around the house. You could learn to play guitar, or some other thing that would be cool, like, learning how to sing. Singing would be a pretty cool thing. All you have to do, is work like a madman writing for 5000 words. Turn off your inner critic, stop worrying about what your writing, and just be as man crazy creative as you can be writing cool fun stories. It’s definitely something worth thinking about. You could have the ending written for your novel today! Maybe not, I have a feeling I could hit close to 10K words for the ending I have a feeling. I should do this today. We’ll see how it goes. It would be so much better then worry and procrastinating about what to write, and only getting 1500 or less words done at the end of the day. This procrastinating till the end of the day, is a habit I’ve had for years, now that I think of it. I don’t know, how may times at work (thinking back to my work at UWO) that I would screw around all day, then at 3 or 4 o’clock get a bunch of shit done. That’s such a long engrained habit. I could be a bit more of a morning person. Say, if I started working at 7, but just did a bit of reading and browsing whatever till 8, then worked like crazy for the next 4 hours. Then, I’d be done for the day. I could incorporate that paramador method, where you like write as fast for 45 or 50 minutes, then get up and walk around for 10 or 15 minutes, then do it again. Would be pretty cool. You would have to do around 1250 words in each of those sessions to hit your 5000 mark for the day. That’s definitely doable. You would just have to focus on the task at hand exclusively, and blocking out everything else in the world. You could do that. That would be so cool. That’s a doable strategy. You just have to discipline yourself and get it done. Then you’d have all afternoon to do whatever your heart desires. That’s so much better then the way I’ve been doing it to date. Your basically trying to create little moments of frantic deadline driven work ethic. And the carrot your dangling in front of you is the big break at the end of it all. Hmmmmmm????

TIGERBLOOD: yes DAILYMOOD: little bit tired early on, then energetic later LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 1443 PUSHUPS: none TODO: write like crazy TV: supernatural BOOK: none GAME: GTA5, Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 173 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: roast beef, brocolli w/ cheese SNACKS: orange, almonds, olives ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:15 AWAKE: 8:00


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