Morning Pages Entry – April 15, 2014

Well, this is a strange morning. Only two days ago the temperature was around 20+ degrees, it looked like we were firmly entrenched in spring finally, and today, I’m sitting here, watching the snow come down at 6:39am, and there is already at least an inch or two of the fluffy white stuff on the ground. That’s just crazy shit. This winter really doesn’t want to leave us. It’s the middle of April, and there is two inches of snow on the ground. Wow! I’m sure (pretty sure) it won’t last long, but I haven’t exactly checked a weather report yet either. Ah well. So, onto the more important things. I started editing my book yesterday. I’d say the first draft is pretty much done. I need to come up with a better connection between my new prologue and the original beginning, as well, I need to flesh out the ending a little better, but I figured that editing would be a good way to refresh in my brain the whole story again, and would help spark some ideas for both those pieces. It took me longer to edit yesterday then I thought it would. I only edited around 5-6000 words yesterday. Now, I didn’t do just editing yesterday. I was organizing some chapters a bit in the morning, and I did get a bit too distracted yesterday. Today, I will be more focused, and see if I can do the same thing with editing, that I did with writing. My 45 minutes focused, with 15 minutes break routine, and see how many words I can really get to. I really hope I can do much better. 20K words would be better per day for my first draft pass. I’m basically just checking for spelling, and wrong use of words, and awkardly worded sentences. I find, that I seem to overwrite sentences, and make them much longer then they need to be when I’m draft writing. I suppose one way to speed up the process, would be to stop doing that. Trying to make your writing tighter from the beginning would be better. Not sure if I can do that. But, maybe I will as I do more editing and tightening things up. It may just come naturally. I’d hate to give too much time to my inner critic during the first draft phase. I do need to do more of the spell checking early on though. No reason not to do that with my first draft writing. I started doing it last week, while I was using WriteMonkey. That will speed the editing up for sure. I know, there are a lot of spelling mistakes in the earlier pages that I wrote. The spell checker in yWriter, is solely lacking. So, that will get better. But, even at 20,000 words per day checking, which is almost a 100 pages, I thank that’s pretty ambitious, it will take me 5 days just to get through this first round of edits. I was hoping it would go quicker then that. Maybe, I do need to do the editing as I go along every day with the writing. So, if I’m writing 5000 words per day. Then, maybe you should do an initial pass of the 5000 words right after you’ve written them. Then, the next day before you start with new days writing, you do another pass over the words. It would be good after a nights sleep. Then you would have two good edit passes at the words. That should get the spelling pretty tight, and awkard and lengthy sentences should be pretty cleaned up. I’m a little unsure as to what edits to do after that. Maybe, use one of those software services, and run your scenes through that. I know, that those aren’t perfect, but I suspect they would catch a few things I wouldn’t. And, I would probably learn a few things about edit from them. Maybe, it would be worth reading a few good editing books on the topic. I believe there were some I had bookmarked that would come in handy. Will have to go through those. So, A final note here. I did end up playing Batman Arkham City last night, and I think it’s finally got me hooked. Sometimes, it takes a while for a game to get a hold of me, and Arkham City, was like that. At first, I wasn’t impressed, but it has a ton of good reviews, and I wanted to stick with it. Well yesterday, I started to see just how cool it was. It actually reminds me a bit of Infamous with it’s game play, which was a game I really liked. I truly should get that one speaker refoamed, as the sound is so much better then the TV speakers. Maybe I’ll just disconnect the bad speaker for the moment, and use just the good one till I order a kit.

TIGERBLOOD: some DAILYMOOD: unsure LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: edited 5808 PUSHUPS: 2:00 plank TODO: editing, laundry TV: Game of Thrones, Californication BOOK: none GAME: Batman Arkham City EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: spaghetti sauce SNACKS: orange, grapes, 2 lara coconut bars ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:30 AWAKE: 6:30


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