Morning Pages Entry – April 16, 2014

So, today, I think I get another badge from the site here. I think, that this should be my 10th day in a row being an early morning writer. Meaning, that I write my 750 words between 5am and 9am. That shouldn’t really be all that hard, but I guess I haven’t done that many days in a row early since I started. With this new schedule driving the kids around swimming, I’ve been in a new routine, and usually get started with my morning journal by 6:30 each day, except for Wendesday and weekends. Although, the wendesday and weekends have been pretty close to that time. And today is Wendesday, and I’m at around 7:15 this morning. At least, that’s when I started. So, now back to the work I’ve been doing. I edited pretty close to around 20,000 words yesterday. I’m still just doing a first pass edit, mainly concerned with grammar and spelling. Although, about 9000 of those words, were already in pretty good shape. They were the original 9000 words I wrote last summer at the boat mostly. And, I had already sort of edited those as I went. They did still need to be spell checked and I did read through them in their entirety, but they definitely went a bit quicker then the other words had. I do really believe, that I should do these edits as I’m going along and writing. Certainly, if I can write 5000 words per day of rough draft, then I can definitely edit 5000 words as well. I timed myself yesterday when I was editing the really rough stuff, and I seemed to be around the 3000 words in 45 minutes mark. So, that means, that I should be able to do around 5000 words in an hour if I push it. If I stuck to the same writing schedule, and started my days at 6:30, without having to do any driving of kids around, then I should be able to edit 5000 words before 8am, and then proceed to write another 5000 fresh new words before noon. The editing should help to get my head in the right space for writing. It should give me a good reminder of what is going on story wise, and help to jump start the days round of writing. At least, if I rememember correctly, that’s what I was doing when I first started this thing, and that seemed to work pretty well. I was editing the stuff from the previous day, before I started writing the next batch at the boat. I think, I will do that again. I think editing in smaller sections is good as well, in that I’m more focused on what I’m doing. I’m a little undecided, as to what’s more important, the editing or the writing. Obviously, they’re both essential, but in terms of the reader experience, I think the editing may be the most important. I do like the quote someone said, where they stated “I write for myself, but I edit for my readers.” I do understand the obsession a bit now, with getting every little mistake out of your text. It is a bit of a interruption as a reader, when you come across obvious grammatical errors in the text of a story. They do sort of bump out of the immersive nature of a story. I would like to get as many out as I can. Obviously, having another set of eyes on the material is essential. I should get David and Mark involved as soon as possible. I should start sending them a chapter at a time. Then it wouldn’t seem like such a horrendusly big job to ask of them in the beginning. It’s definitely more manageable that way. I’m sure they’d oblige me. As a matter of fact, now I do have a first chapter written, and I could send it along to them. That could serve, as a bit of a motivation for me, to make sure I have those chapters in as good as shape as possible before sending it. What with having another set of eyes on the work. So, yesterday, was a pretty good day again, when it comes to eating. I’m still on a clean eating binge. I think, I’m up to about about 47 days now. 16 days this month, plus the 31 days of last month. That’s pretty awesome. I am hovering around the 170 lb mark still. It would be pretty cool to get that well under 170. That would be a major milestone.

TIGERBLOOD: a little DAILYMOOD: pretty good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: 20K edited PUSHUPS: 2:00 wall sit TODO: editing TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: salmon patty SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 7:15


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