Morning Pages Entry – April 18, 2014

I watched an interesting video last night by Seth Goodin, about the importance of shipping and how our lizard brains interfere with it all the time. Basically, when he says “ship”, he means to actually finish something (anything really, but definitely a book or a project) and put it out there into the world. And, he talked a bunch about how our lizard brain, which is basically our most primitive instincts have the tendency to prevent us from doing things because of it’s tendency to run away (flight or fight) from things. And how it’s just important, to ship ship ship. In other words Chris, just finish the damn book, and get to the next one. Become the most prolific muther fucker out there. Just keep writing. Just keep editing, and just keep putting books out there. Some will stick, and some will not, but until you keep putting things out there you will never know. It’s nothing I didn’t already know, but it’s sort of nice to hear it repeated by someone else. Just keep shipping your shit out there. Maybe, even just having enough stuff out there will be enough to make it. Fake it till you make it sort of thing. So today, is good friday, and everyone is off today. There is no swimming, there is no school, and there is no work for anyone. Except for me, that’s sitting here in front of my laptop, writing away. I don’t seem to have a lot to talk about this morning, but I’ll make up some shit as I go along here. This was a pretty good week. I got David and Mark to signup as my editors on the book, which is sort of cool. I really should prioritize sending my first chapter to them to work on. I’m a little bit nervous about that, but I think it’s my lizard brain, that keeps interfering with me. Don’t expect great things from this one, but just get it out there. Go through the process, and SHIP. That’s the main goal here. If this one sucks, then that’s fine, but it will probably sell something no matter what you do. Remember, make things a bit more descriptive, and do a little more character building though. Not sure how that’s going to work. The book is mostly plot driven at the moment, but that’s probably ok. We can work on the other stuff. I will do a bit of editing today. Yesterday, I was looking for some software to help me with the grammar side of checking things, but I didn’t quite find anything great. I would have thought, that Google would have had something with Google Docs to help out, but apparently not. There are a few paid options, which I’m not totally sure are worth it. Maybe, that one AddOn for docs, but maybe, I just use the online version of Word. I’m not sure, if that has a grammar checker, but maybe I should check that out. I’ll do it, right after I’m finished with this. I wonder, if the TrackChanges feature is available with the online version as well. That might make it a better choice then GoogleDocs. We’ll see what it looks like. So, yesterday, I did have a glass of wine, which was the first time I’ve done that in a while. About a month actually, since we finished up city league for the team. Other then that, the eating thing is still going pretty good. I’m sticking to my guns with being super healthy in the eating category. No refined sugar, and no process food. Still hovering, around the 170 mark, but I haven’t been doing much walking lately, and I have been eating too much of those lara bars, which has a lot of nuts in it. Gotta stop doing that. Nuts tend to slow down my weight loss. They are really good though. I do need to get back at the walking though. That kinda keeps things going pretty good. Maybe get out today, before we head off to Dianes for dinner in Strathroy. We’ll see, what that’s like. Wow, getting to 750 words today, is a bit of a struggle, but we’re almost there. I do have to start at some point, getting out to the boat, and doing some work. I should really seal the leaky front window. Hey, a bunny rabbit just ran across the front lawn. Boy, I really am desperate to get to my 750 words today.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: editing PUSHUPS: 3:00 wall sits TODO: edit, go to dianes TV: supernatural BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: taco salad SNACKS: orange, lara bar, grapes ALCOHOL: 1 glass wine BEDTIME: 1:00 am AWAKE: 7:15


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