Morning Pages Entry – April 21, 2014

I had a really bizarre dream last night. I was trying to catch a plane out of some airport, but the lady at the ticket counter didn’t think I had a real boarding pass. My boarding pass looked like my drivers license, and she didn’t think it was real. Not until I convinced her to look at all the other Canadian boarding passes, and she realized they all look exactly like mine, except that mine said Ontario, and all the others had different provinces names like New Brunswick. Then she decided to let me board the plane, but it was too late, and even though I tried running for the plane, I missed it. I was so mad in the dream that I had missed it, it woke me up, and I was till mad. I was so mad when I was awake, and it seemed so real, that I wanted to punch the ticket lady. Pretty bizarre. Don’t think, I’ve ever had a dream wake me up like that. Weird. So, I suppose, that I should get back to writing some time soon. Although, I think I am learning quite a bit from just editing my work. How, I’m somewhat ambiguous an non-committal in my writing. I use words like “partially” and “a bit” quite a lot. I need to start just saying what it is, and not use those words. I also tend to write a lot of run on sentences, which I do in these morning journal pages as well. Just a few things I need to work on. I would, also like to submit some of my writing to the “Critique Circle” website that I joined. That’s an interesting idea. I just have to critique a few other pages, to get credits, so that people will critique my pages. That would likely be good practice as well. Although, not sure what I would have to add. Although, I may not have many technical points, I could critique stories from the stand point of what I liked and didn’t like. Any obvious things, that I thought didn’t work. I need to keep in mind, that any feedback from individuals is going to be highly subjective, and to not get too hung up on what specific individuals say. Although, it would be worth watching for similar comments from different people. If a bunch of people are telling you the same stuff, then there’s likely some truth to it. And, critiquing other peoples work, has to be good practice as well. Something, that will only serve to improve your own writing. Also, on the weekend, I found a good learn to draw website. It looks like they use some of the techniques in that “Learn To Draw” book, that I remember David using a few years ago. Like, drawing things upside down. I’ll have to go and get my drawing books out, that Sam and I were using years ago to practice. Not sure, if I have all the pencils still, but I might find them if I go digging around. It would be super cool, if I could create my own book covers from scratch. That would indeed be pretty awesome. Exploring all areas of artistic creation would be really cool. I’m a bit worried, about the time it would take to acquire skills in each area, but I do believe it would be very fulfilling work for me. I have a hard time, thinking about anything else I could do work wise that would be as fufilling. Definitely a goal worth shooting for. So, today is Easter Monday, and nobody else is going to school or work today, so I have a house full of people milling around in my space. I suppose, I can manage that for one day. I suppose, that Karen will still likely be hanging around tomorrow as well. Although, maybe not. It would be nice to get the house back to myself, after having these guys hanging around for the last four days, counting Good Friday. Something to look forward to. I could practice, the drawing stuff in the afternoons after I’ve done my 5000 words of writing. I do need time to do some plotting as well. Plotting, editing, and drawing would be good ways to spend the afternoons. And I do think, it’s worth investing some time on the critique circle website. Feedback on my writing at this early stage in my career would be invaluable. Maybe something to do, before I spring my work on Mark & David.

TIGERBLOOD: yes DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: living room WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: edit TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: walk 30 minutes WEIGHT: 171 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: ham, carrots, brocolli salad, SNACKS: orange, apple, 2 lara bars, almonds ALCOHOL: apple cider, gold schlanger, wine BEDTIME: 11:30 AWAKE: 7:00


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