Morning Pages Entry – December 01, 2013

Man, was I tired last night. I was up early to take Sam to practice, then I couldn’t go back to sleep, so basically, I went the entire day with about 4.5 hours sleep. I did make it to about 10:30 before crashing on in front of the TV, but I felt pretty good the entire day. Not tired at all. I’ve noticed, that I don’t seem to need as much sleep when I eat well. It’s looking eating to much sugar or something puts you into a bit of a coma. Yesterday, we also visited Grandmas for a chinese Christmas dinner. Since she is going to Steve’s out west this year, we decided to have Christmas early with her. We exchanged a few gifts, and went to Tangs down on Cromwell street for dinner. It was pretty good, but this will definitely be different this year not having her around for Christmas. I’m sure she will enjoy the visit out west, and things will be a bit quieter around her, but she always likes to go where the young kids are for Christmas, and Tristan will be at a great age for Christmas. We also stopped by Theresa’s last night to do some work around the apartment. The usual tech call to fix different things. That’s really all just small talk these days. I would certainly like to get some real writing done this week. It would be a good start in the right direction. Now that I have some new ideas from this morning pages as to where to take my heroes and zombie girl. I haven’t given a lot of thought to what will happen once the get to Fort Knox. There needs to be some conflict. Obviously with the evolved zombie girl would be a good thing. Perhaps the people in Fort Knox don’t have the same feelings towards her that our heroes have. That could cause a few battles to take place. Perhaps the people in Fort Knox already know how things work with the zombie gestation. I did mention in some of the writing already, that there is a patient zero somewhere known to the humans. I don’t think the little girl can be patient zero as she is to young. The question is, do the fort knox personnel know about patient zero. It would be highly classified material for sure. At the least, not everyone would know, but perhaps the top ranking individual at fort knox would have it figured. He could be the main protagonist at the fort for our heroes. Could be something like they want nothing to do with them when they realize who the girl is, but all of a sudden they do when they realize what’s in the case they’re carrying. It could be the one thing that saves them from being killed by the forts soldiers. That would work. I think, today, I will also be setting up my new Yamaha AVR reciever. I’m pretty excited about that. Haven’t decided whether I need a new subwoofer or not. I’d like to get it setup today, and listen to it a bit with some testing to make that decision. I could use the money for something else. I was looking at around $350 for that particular Klipsch model, which didn’t look to bad, and wouldn’t be too out of place sitting next to the fireplace. I’m sure it would sound pretty cool to. It’s going to be a major paid wiring everything up though. I’m really hoping, that I can get the networking stuff working with it to. Have to configure a switch first to spread the networking signal around a bit behind the bookshelf. I would be really cool, if I could do stuff with it, like turn on the stereo with my phone while up in the kitchen, and have it play my phone music through the upstairs speakers without me having to go downstairs at all. I suppose at first though, I have to get my darn computer fixed. It keeps getting this “windows explorer not responding” message, which is driving me kinds of nuts. I could still use chrome to get to the internet, but it kills just about any other file access on the computer. The PS3 media server can’t function, and I can be downloading anything either probably. I think it may just need a driver upgrade. I was able to start up the computer in safe mode, although it was a bit slow. I hope it’s nothing to major. Think I try upgrading a few drivers first to see what happens there.

LOCATION: home office TODO: setup new receiver, play squash, write novel TV: dr who BOOK: none GAME: GTA5 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 180 BREAKFAST: breakfast & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chinese food (only paleo approved stuff) SNACKS: paleo approved trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:45 pm AWAKE: 9:15am

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