Morning Pages Entry – December 03, 2013

Can’t believe, that I forgot to journal yesterday. Well, didn’t totally forget, I kept remembering to, I just didn’t sit down to do it. It was a bit of a messed up routine yesterday. My computer has been acting up lately, and turns out my one hard drive that has all the multimedia on it as pretty much crashed. It’s the external USB drive. Once I unplug it the computer works great again. Plus, I was wiring in my new Yamaha AVR receiver. [EDITED OUT PERSONAL STUFF] If I don’t get writing soon, I won’t be making any money for a while. Just imagine, if I had stuck with it when I started it at the boat in August. I could have had close to 4 novels done by now. Assuming of course, that I could crank out a novel per month. At the very least I would have gotten through a bunch of crappy writing, and be at the point where I was a much better writer. I really need to get some writing done. I’m starting to get the rest of my life in order. I did manage to achieve my goal that I set last of week of going through five days eating no refined sugar, and no processed foods. I probably did get some processed sugar in some of Karens cooking, specifically the meatballs last night, and the stir fry last week. Plus the Chinese food with Helen in Sarnia had some, but sometimes there are situations you can’t totally control. Anyways, I was thinking of setting a new goal, and making it 30 days with no processed foods, and no refined sugar. That would actually take me to Christmas day. Christmas is always a struggle to get through eating healthy for me. So many temptations around, and such a change in routine. Through in a bit of alcohol and some of the stresses that come with Christmas, and it’s no wonder the eating goes to crap. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to eating right around this time of year, but fall apart at some point the closer we get to Christmas. It would be a major accomplishment, if I can get through Christmas without the crap food. I’m going to try my damnest to do it. It would mean so many benefits. There’s my health, there’s my squash game . . . that’s always a good motivator. If I’m going to regain the number 1 spot on the team again, I can’t do it weighing 180+ pounds. Although I do believe, that with last week I’ve cracked the sub 180 barrier. If I can stick with this eating till the new year, I bet I could break 170. That would be huge . . . or actually kinda small. Since that’s the weight I was at when I finished P90X, and kicked a lot of squash ass that year. The team would be a shoe-in for winning the division, if I can start playing at that level again. A goal of weight of 160 pounds for me with a bunch of muscle would be incredible. I likely could threaten for a “B” team next year, even with the tougher A/B division in place. A worthy goal. Now, if I can throw in the mix a good amount of writing every day, then I will be thrilled. It would truly get my life on track, and probably about to a steady influx of cash that I could continue into my retirement days. That would be sweet. To do something creative, and actually create some revenue, that would continue into my retirement years. Given that the last few years have severely depleted my retirement savings. It would do my heart good, to know that leaving behind a small number of written works that generate money would be fantastic for the kids, and especially Jessica. It would be good to know, that money would never be an issue for her in her life. At this point, I don’t know how that will turn out for her. Even if I could do something to make life better for Jennifer and Samantha, like buying them their first home, would make it easier for them to give Jessica a better life when Karen and I aren’t around. If that doesn’t get me writing more for the future, then I don’t know what will. Anyways, it’s good to be back and writing again, after missing a day. Something about yesterday was a bit off for me, and perhaps it was the writing.

LOCATION: home office TODO: 2000+ words, clean up stereo install, squash house league, walk zoey TV: Dr. Who, Dawson Creek, Glee BOOK: None GAME:None EXERCISE: Weights WEIGHT: 179 BREAKFAST: eggs & bacon LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: meatballs, brocolli SNACKS: orange, grapes, paleo approved trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:45 am AWAKE: 8:15 am

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