Morning Pages Entry – December 04, 2013

Time to start taking squash a little bit more seriously. Won in house league for the first time yesterday. Not playing a very challenging match (against Lukas), but still did my best to play well. Also played a bit with Sean (who’s lost almost 40 pounds), and did pretty well against him. Won our little 2 out of 3 at the end, but in general he took most of the games. Did really well with the food thing yesterday. No refined sugar really, except possibly for the pulled pork, that had some sort of barbecue sauce on it that Derek made for the finals of the house league. I’m going to have to win the next round of that come January. That’s another goal for me. Watching Gabe and Keith play for the finals of the “B” division wasn’t overly inspiring. I know I’m a smarter player then both of those guys, and the only thing keeping me out of beating either of them, is my fitness. Both their shooting and racquet skills are questionable. A lot of loose and weak shots from both of them. I know, I was playing better then both of them a few years ago post-p90X. It’s definitely time for me to reclaim the “C” crown. So, there are a few goals here. One goal, is to eat no processed foods, and no refined sugar for 30 days (at least), which takes me up to Christmas day. Next goal, is to take the number 1 spot on the team back from those above me . . . Devan, Eric, Mark and David. My fitness can do that. Next goal, is to win the “B” division of house league in the session starting in January. Next goal, is to beat that Ken guy over on the “Y” team. And finally, for the team to win the “C” division of the house league. That’s a lot of squash related goals, but I’m sure I can do it. The key to it all, is of course fitness. So, stay the course with the good eating . . . screw all the nasty Christmas food, and keep hitting the weights. I would definitely like to start doing the lower back and abdominals in the weight routine . . . even if it’s really light stuff to get started. Next time I go, I think I will do that. Got the new stereo pretty much all setup, and just getting used to how it works. It does some pretty cool tricks, so that should be fun to start playing with. And finally, now to get back to writing the novel. So I’ve got our heroes, heading off to Fort Knox, with a little girl evolved zombie in tow, and the heroes not quite sure how to deal with her. They are definitely suspicious, and they are definitely in conflict with one another as to how to deal with her, but she does need to get to the Fort eventually. Preferably, without eating either one of them . . . although that’s not really a thing with evolved zombies I don’t think. They do however have an insatiable appetite for both food and sex. She’s a bit young for the whole sex thing though. You could do something cool with her advanced powers . . . remember, the evolved zombie class can do things that normal humans can’t do . . . like survive for a while without oxygen, superior strength, superior intellect. It would be interesting, to see how she reacts when they encounter other zombies along the way. Like, maybe she won’t fight them, and they won’t eat her, but kind of react strangely to her. She could perhaps save one of our heroes from near death at the hands of attacking zombies. She could then perhaps comfort some of the zombies like they were children/babies. Rock them . . . hold them . . . make them feel better. Being evolved, she would be like a parent to them, and they would sense that. It could be very strange, even a little uncomfortable for the heroes, or even the readers, if she did something like breast fed them. That’s kinda freaky, and a bit fetishy as well. Could be something to make the book unique. Would also probably put some distance between the heroes and her. Say perhaps if the younger hero was sort of on her side and Chaz wanted to kill her up to that point. Then he wouldn’t know quite how to react to her behaviour. That could definitely prove interesting.

LOCATION: home office TODO: squash, 2000+ words, put some sites back up TV: dr who, dawson creek BOOK: none GAME:none EXERCISE:squash WEIGHT: 180 BREAKFAST:bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: dereks pulled pork SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: glass of wine BEDTIME: 1:15 am AWAKE: 7:45 am

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