Morning Pages Entry – December 05, 2013

So, yesterday wasn’t quite as successful as I had planned. I lost my squash ladder challenge to Eric, so I’m still stuck down in 5th place. But, it was a pretty good match none the less. He’s a tricky player, and if I had won the 2nd game, which I should have, given that I had the game winning shot on my racquet (tinned it), things likely would have turned out different. Ah well. I’ll get him next time. I did challenge Mark for this weekend. Not sure if he’ll be able to play, but if not, then I’ll try and get Devan to play. One way or another, I’m working my way out of this hole. Ate pretty healthy again last night. Which is pretty awesome. I seem to have gotten into at least one good routine so far. I need a good trail mix in my diet though I think. Even though I want to lose weight, it’s not about eating too little every day, and feeling hungry. I think, if I stick to my no refined sugars, and no processed foods regiment, eventually I will lose weight . . . and stick to the weight training, at least once a week, or twice perhaps if I’m feeling up to it. Definitely want to get stronger. Figured out a few more things with the new stereo as well. I know how to play Pandora through it, and how to turn on zone 2 upstairs with my cell phone app. It works pretty cool, except for the having to turn off the bi-amp thing directly from the unit itself to get zone 2 to work. Maybe they’ll add that to their list of upgrades for the phone app in the future. Would be nice. Watched one of those videos yesterday, that made you think twice about things. The one narrated by Carl Sagan talking about the picture of the earth from the hubble telescope I think where the earth is described as a pale blue dot . . . a very small pale blue dot surround in a cosmos of unimaginable size. It really puts into perspective how futile wars and other nasty happenings on earth are. And, basically how insignificant they are in the whole grand scheme of things. Which actually makes you wonder a lot about the not so nasty stuff as well. Sure, it’s one thing to condemn wars and atrocities and all, but what about the regular everyday challenges that we all face. Like my inability to get writing and [PERSONAL STUFF EDITED OUT]? Those are definitely little things, except to the person involved, as they are what we face every day. Can we really minimize those things based on physical size. Sure we’re small, but is this a case where size really matters or not? I certainly would prefer to feel like my day to day activities make a difference. If not to others, then at the very least to me. There is a sense of being productive that makes me feel better. And, if I can do that with a creative bent, then I would feel even better. Sure, it’s a bit of a selfish approach, but then again, everyone is selfish in their view of the world. To each of use the world and it’s people really do revolve around us. Because, that’s our own little world. What we do, and what others around us do, what we see, what we hear, what we feel, what we smell . . . it all makes up or own universe, our own little pale blue dot. To think about our experiences compared to something bigger and bigger and bigger still that an universe or galaxy, is not I find very helpful. Sure, it’s humbling, but perhaps a little bit too humbling. We need some functioning ego as part of our every day routine, otherwise what’s going to motivate us to accomplish things. And while people may make up a physically minuscule portion of the greater universe, it’s certainly pretty amazing that we are the only intelligent life we’ve seen. I guess that makes us not only small, but also incredibly rare. Like rare gems and precious minerals afloat in a tiny lifeboat amongst a sea of stars. There is value in being rare and unique. Especially in our current world of sameness. We all want to be different a little bit from the crowd. And, in reality we as a species and planet are already incredibly rare in an entire universe of dust, smoke, rock and other assorted fairy sparkles.

LOCATION: home office TODO: 2000+ words, squash league TV: dr who, supernatural BOOK: none GAME:none EXERCISE:squash WEIGHT: 179 BREAKFAST:bacon and eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: Singapore beef SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:15 pm AWAKE: 8:30 am

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