Morning Pages Entry – December 07, 2013

Well, it’s pretty late Saturday, and I did almost forget to do my morning pages, so I guess we’ll have to call these evening pages, but at least I’m getting them done today. We just finished watching Superman Man of Steel movie, with the new stereo system. And I must admit, now I know why all those people say YES, you do need a sub woofer. Holy crap, was it loud and awesome. You could feel the sectional we were sitting on shake during some of the explosions. And there were definitely some serious explosions. Karen wasn’t too thrilled about it, but it sounded just like a movie theatre, and that’s what I was going for. I really am glad I put the subwoofer in. I’m sure that sucker would rattle the windows if I really cranked it up. I have to wonder as well, if you could hear it outside. I suspect you could, at least through the back window. Anyone walking buy would have wondered big time what the hell was going on in the house. Sam liked it I think, but Zoey wasn’t too thrilled. I suppose, that having her blanket next to the subwoofer didn’t help things. I think the sound, especially the dialogue channel could use a little tweaking, but perhaps it was just where I was sitting. Or perhaps, using a different DSP mode would have been more appropriate. I had it set on adventure mode, but perhaps sci-fi mode would have worked better for the dialogue. Instead, I used the feature to crank up the dialogue channel which seemed to work pretty good. Just takes a little experimenting I suppose. Bring on the action movies!!! Also today, Samantha and Jessica both got new mattress and beds. Sam got a queen size bed, and Jessica got a new mattress. Sams bed is actually nicer than ours now I think. It’s definitely higher. Poor zoey couldn’t even jump up on it because it’s so high. I’m sure she’ll have some great sleeps on it. Considering how many naps she needs, it will be put to good use. And, on Thursday mornings, it’ll be great for me to nap on after I drive her to swim practice. A full queen sized bed to sleep on all stretched out. I may actually look forward to those early Thursday mornings. I won’t be playing squash tomorrow afternoon unfortunately. Although my ankle is much better today, I’m no sure it’s up to a game of squash. The trick for me now, is to maintain my healthy course through this injury, to be sure I don’t start back sliding on my fitness goals. I was good today, and only ate healthy stuff. I think, this is day 13 for me with no refined sugars, and no processed foods. I’m pretty impressed with that, and it’s good to know I’m almost halfway to 30 days. My 30 day goal for this should hopefully turn into a permanent habit. That’s the goal here. Get down to 160 lbs, put on some muscle, and start a healthy lifestyle I can live with for a good long time. That would be a pretty awesome fitness level to achieve at this age. Not to mention how much damage I’ll be doing on the squash courts once I get there. Maybe, to, I was thinking, that playing summer league squash would be fun this year. Just once a week, to keep the fitness and squash smarts up wouldn’t be a bad thing. Might even be worth coming back from the boat for once in a while. It seems, like they had so much fun with the one last year, that it might be worth my while. We’ll have to wait and see how things go. And of course, as I get close to my last bit of these pages, there’s always my old nemesis, the writing project. I’m think I’m getting closer to rationalizing in my mind that I need to start writing. That pale blue dot video that kinda freaked me out a bit, may also be part of the key to get things going. I mean, if you go with the theory behind it, that means basically nothing anyone does is all that important . . . it’s all just in our minds . . . it’s all really just our ego. It’s time to quit caring about what all the crazy peons and people around you think, and just do what makes you happy. Who gives a shit in the long run afterall. Nobody’s going to care a 100, a 1000, or a 1000000000 years from now, so just do what makes you happy for the sliver of a time you get. Do your best, and fuck the rest!

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 20 TODO: relax, move stereo stuff around, write TV: dr who BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 179 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: oranges, grapes, trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 5 am, 8am

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