Morning Pages Entry – December 08, 2013

So here it is, Sunday afternoon, and heading into another Christmas season fast soon approaching. The challenge for me is still to stay away from all the junky foods. I feel pretty confident about it this time. If I’m finally going to get into the best shape of my life, then now is the time to do it. That time of year, when all the nasty food and temptations seem to come up. And it seems to be fuelled by feelings of boredom, and just general unhappiness. Those are two of the big things that drive any of my bad eating habits. And, it seems that knowing about them, is not enough to keep them at bay. I need to have tools and a plan at my ready to combat those things. Maybe, with not quite as many people around this year for Christmas will make a difference. [Personal stuff edited out of here] The other thing, is dealing with very few guys around the family anymore. It’s mostly nieces, and Jacob for holiday and family stuff. I like it when Bob is around, and hopefully he will be around during the holidays, as it’s nice to have another guy around. I may just have to sneak out for a bit of squash with the boys at some point over the holidays. Hopefully this ankle injury won’t last for too much longer. It does seem to be better already today. So we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. It might be a good day to put up some Christmas lights on the house with Sam. It’s kind of an ok day out, not too cold, but at least not snowy or rainy. There’s also the number that the sidewalk driver did on the boulevard, that needs to be tended to at some point. And of course, there’s my writing that could do with some tending to. Just, imagine if I could write my novel work, as quickly as I do these morning pages. I manage to do my 750 words in about 17 minutes or so, which roughly works out to a little under 3000 words in an hour. That’s pretty crazy. Stream of conciousness writing is definitely faster than novel writing, but almost twice as fast seems crazy high. I usually do a little over 1000 words when I was writing before. I really need to get started on that shit. Of of Geoff Shaws’ little email tidbits kind of resonated with me. He said something like, once you start writing, it will change your world. And, I do feel like that could be so true. You need to be brave to write. Not just brave, but you need to acquire a “who gives a shit” attitude when doing so. You need to just let the creative shit flow from you. There’s no reason, why writing a novel couldn’t approach the stream of conciousness type of writing any ways. Even, if not for the speed, but for the sheer sake of getting everything your feeling and emoting, out on the page. A scene takes place before your eyes in a movie incredibly fast. Why can’t we just imagine writing the way we imagine viewing. Place your self in the story, like your an invisible viewer, and it’s your life mission . . . no actually it’s a matter of your life and death, to tell the story as it happens, without pause or hesitation. Tell it, like it’s a lightning fast adventure, and your listener is indeed in rapture with every word, opinion, feeling, tear, and scent that the story has. Don’t pause, go with your first insticts, their almost always right. And it’s try I think, that as your writing the descriptions, and action sequences of your story, that the next little piece of action should be percolating in your brain. Just waiting, to make it’s emergence out on the page. I think, I’m getting a little braver about stepping into the world of the story teller and the novelist. I think, I’ve always been that kind of person, and took a real interest in how I wrote things down. Even if they were sill pointless business emails for work. I would often go back, and reread every email I’d written like it was Shakespeare or something. I need to take that passion, and let it flow out onto the page, and be damned the consequences.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 20 TODO: christmas lights, weights workout, writing TV: glee BOOK: none GAME: GTA5 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 179 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: sloppy joes (no buns), carrots SNACKS: orange, grapes, my paleo trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:00 am AWAKE: 10 am

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