Morning Pages Entry – December 12, 2013

Well, here we go again, about to hit 10 days in a row writing my journal. I think I made it to 11 days last time, before I forgot to day. So, we’re on the verge here of setting a new record. But, I must admit, the record I’m really interested in is the new one I’m starting with my novel writing. I wrote again yesterday, albeit for only the second day in a row, but with more words then I had ever done before. Perhaps, I should set a goal of writing more words every day then the previous day, until I get to my 5000 words a day goal. If I can hit that number, and do it consistently, then I should be well on my way to success as a writer. If not a good one, at the very least a prolific one. Although writing a lot, I can get out my first crappy million words, before moving on to the really good stuff. It’s like doing anything, your going to suck for a while till you get good at it. Practice makes perfect and everything. I must say as well, that I think writing these morning pages has played some sort of part in getting me writing once again. Hard to say how much of a part, but definitely a part for sure. And, I did begin to notice, that yesterday I felt quite happy by the end of the day when the writing was pretty much done. I’m sure it was the writing that was partially responsible for that. For my happiness. It is a treacherous line to balance on though it seems. Knowing that it will take a while for the writing to pay off is one thing, but living that belief is another. To keep my mind focused on the writing, and not the dollars is essential I think. At least when they’re not rolling in yet it is. I’m pretty sure, that once they start coming in, and reviews and interactions with readers begin that it might be easier. It’s that thing I’ve been watching in a number of videos these days regarding happiness. They say, that money can’t buy happiness, but that’s a bit of simplistic view. What the research has pointed out, is that the difference in happiness between people making 5,000 and 50,000 dollars is significant. That difference in money at the bottom of the scale is enough to pay your bills, buy food, put a roof over your head . . . in other words, it covers all the basic human needs. What the research goes on to say though, is that the difference between people making 50,000 and 5,000,000 dollars is statistically insignificant. In other words, making obscene amounts of money is not really the road to happiness. As long as your basic human needs are covered, then whether you find happiness, is sort of up to you. It is approximately 50% genetic, 10% (money, status, home, where you live), but another 40% is about the choices you make. Basically a huge amount of your happiness is dependent on on you react to what life gives to you. That’s pretty huge. And the video I watched last night further goes on to say that if you can find happiness first, then your likely to be more successful in whatever other endeavours, relationships, goals you attempt. Which, really turns on it’s head, the current cultural paradigm, that hard word followed by success will bring you happiness. I’m beginning more and more to believe, that you have to love what your doing first, and be happy with it, before the success will follow. It’s not guaranteed to follow of course, like anything else in life, but certainly your odds are greatly increased. It makes sense, and I’ve hard that success story so many times before from others, that have had huge financial successes. They did what they did simply because they had to do it. The loved what they did, even when the money / success / fame / whatever wasn’t there. It was their passion. I think writing can be that for me. There is something basic in it that has been there for me all my life, and I think I can find it again. Sure I’m going to suck at it for a while, and yes, I’m going to have to face that little bit of fear every day before I start the writing that perhaps it won’t be good enough. The point is, to show up every day and make the effort. Bit by bit you’ll get to where you want, regardless of what the world or your deranged fears throw your way. Go Go Go!!!

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