Morning Pages Entry – December 20, 2013

Neuro Associations were the lesson for the day yesterday in Tony Robbins sessions. Understanding that we associate certain tasks or goals in our life with either negative (paid) or positive (pleasureable) feelings. The key to the sessions yesterday, was to identify positive and negative associations with things I need to get done, and to find ways of attaching new and positive associations with things that i’ve been not accomplishing. The writing of the books, is obviously the big thing. Eating is another, and my personal relationship is another. There were 3 steps Tony says to assigning new associations with whatever it is you need to change, be it relationships, business, or writing a novel in my case. The first step was to get what he called leverage. Which means identifying why you need to change something, and why your capable of changing it. You have to believe that you have the ability within you to change those things. The next step is to interrupt your pattern. Meaning, whatever the pattern of behaviour your in, that causes you to not move forward with whatever it is you need to move forward on, needs to be constantly interrupted. So you have to find some crazy/silly way of interrupting that way of thinking. He used the example of pouring water over the ladies head who was complaining and upset over her husband. Interrupts can be body motions, it could be saying something, it could be singing something, maybe doing jumping jacks, or clicking your fingers, or drumming something. And now, the trick is to keep interrupting that pattern, and condition yourself to associate something positive or pleasurable with that task or relationship, or writing, or whatever it is that you need to move forward with. I’m not quite sure I have the hang of that or not, and I may need to go back and repeat some of those sessions (I did 2 of them yesterday to get myself on his mon-fri schedule). I should put them on my phone, and play them when it seems appropriate. I was in an incredibly good mood though yesterday. The best I’ve felt in a long time. Maybe something to do with the extra pushups, or a bit of a new routine, or what I’m not sure. I’ve decided, to always do the kitchen dishes after I’m done my breakfast. I think, I’ll feel better walking through the kitchen every time, and seeing it clean. Even did my salad bowl after I was finished. That was a pretty easy one without filling a sink full of water. Plus I did 50 pushups yesterday, which meant I did have a bit of extra energy to deal with. I do think, that the weight is starting to drop off as well, and that’s encouraging. Starting to look better in the mirror. It’s hard to imagine, what I will look like once I get down to 160 lbs. That should be pretty crazy. I may have to play squash once a week during the summer, just to keep up my new insane physique. Played squash yesterday with Devan, and first the first time since spraining my ankle, I was actually moving pretty well. It was still a bit sore, but it really didn’t prevent me from moving around the court the way I wanted. We had some pretty long rallies, and we we’re both feeling the burn. I’m sure, I keep this up for another month, there will be no problem taking that number 1 spot on the team. I mean if 5+ pounds loss can get me this far, just imagine what another 10 will do. I really need to kick the Christmas junk food demon this year. I’m going to be so good about it all, it’s going to be friggin’ awesome. Me at 160 lbs in the near year, and more muscle to go with it. I should take a look at some bodies online today, that are 160 lbs and 5’9” just to see what my potential is. It’s hard to imagine it for myself. And, I suppose that everyone is different, so I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure, I could be doing 100 pushups consecutively by the time I get to that weight. No problem . . . that would be pretty cool. I’m gonna tear up those squash courts . . . and clean Gabes and Keiths clocks in the process . . . that would be really cool. Show those guys just how good “C” players can be … HA!!!

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 50 TODO: tony robbins, 3000+ words, christmas ideas, read selling writer book TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: grapes, orange, nut trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:30 pm AWAKE: 8:00 am

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