Morning Pages Entry – December 22, 2013

Well, it looks like I’m a paid member of the site now, and it looks like we’re only a few days from Christmas as well. I always like this time of the year, as the anticipation before Christmas is a feeling I seem to enjoy, even more then the days of Christmas and after Christmas. The excitement of knowing something fun is coming means more to me then the actual day itself. Sort of like the wanting something is often more palpable then actually having something . . . the joy of the hunt so to speak. Well, out novel is no further ahead, and I didn’t really do any reading of the writing book “selling writer” either. I should commit myself to doing something every day, that improves or adds to my skill as a writer. Because, just as the writing will improve my skill as I go along, so does reading about how to be a better writer, and reading the works of other writers will help as well. Like, whatever book it is I have on my phone at the moment, that I started a little while ago. I do need to figure out my password though. It seems like my upgrade to the phone has wiped out my Kindle password. That’s not cool. I haven’t had that change in years. I also need to get this journal done, before Karen wakes up, and eats the last of the bacon. I really hate it when they do that. Since it’s the only thing (with eggs) that I eat for breakfast these days, and I’m doing so well with my food thing these days, that it kinda messes me up for being good. I’m still not quite at the point where I don’t think about eating, although I think I may have a solution for that. The trick, would be to come up with some other interesting things to eat. Finding a good pulled pork paleo recipe I think would be a good way to fix that. One that doesn’t have a ton of sugar. And, it could be something that I could eat whenever Karen decides not to cook a regular supper. Supplement it with some baby carrots, or other vegetable, and you have an easy meal. Good tasting, and easy, and very paleo, as far as I’m concerned. Time to scout out that recipe. Played a bunch of squash yesterday, only 3’s but that’s ok, I need to get Mark or David out on the court for a match for some one on one. Time to start making my move to the top of the ladder again. It’s going to be time for the second half of city league to begin, and it’s time for us to start kicking some butt again. No more losing to these weaker teams . . . we’re taking the top spot back and keeping it. And, I’m taking the top spot back on the team, and keeping it. That would really make things interesting going forward. Imagine, a team good enough for David to be number 2 or 3. Me, Mark, and a David in a tight race for the number 1 spot on the team for the duration of the season, would pretty much make us unbeatable in the top 3 spots. At least 2 out of 3 of the top spots should be ours to take every week. Then Eric as number 4 is not too shabby either. Time to take this home. Any ways, if that get’s going good, and the writing gets going good, then it will be a pretty good start to the year. Fit, and healthy, and wealthy could be my mantra for the new year. That would be cool. Also, the house league would be a lot more fun for the second time run, if I could actually win the “B” division for myself. At least for my side of the draw. No reason, why I couldn’t do that. I mean, Gabe and Keith in the finals. Sure there much better, but “B” player finalist . . . hardly . . HA! I so understand the game more than then do, and have more shots to draw from then they do. The only thing they have on me at the moment is fitness and stamina. Time to erase those advantages. I also need to get to the gym today I think. I should workout every day leading up to Christmas this year, just so when I slack off for a few days, it won’t matter much. Weights, squash, and weights on Christmas eve should do it.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 50 TODO: weights, read, TV: dr who, scrubs, Elysium (movie) BOOK: none GAME: GTA5 EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: subway steak & cheese (no bread) SNACKS: orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:30 AWAKE: 9:00 am

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