Morning Pages Entry – December 27, 2013

So, here we are a couple of days after Christmas, and to be honest, I’m going a little bit stir crazy with not enough routine it would seem. Or at least, not enough good routine. Yesterday, I can so close to indulging in some junk food because I was just getting bored and restless. I really need to get out and play some squash today to get back on the right track. Yesterday was really the first day, that I’ve had to use will power to stay on the right eating path. At least it was the first day I’ve had to us a LOT of will power to do it. It’s kind of an interesting observation as to who my brain is working these days. Boredom can be a big contributor to what I eat. I think, I need to get back to listen to so Tony Robbins tapes as well. They are a big help just in getting my brain to think about what’s good for it and the rest of my body. I’m actually kind of missing them, since I haven’t done any in a few days since I’ve been off for Christmas. Just socializing and entertaining company I guess. There are a few other things I’ve been picking up from that that I want to turn into habits, that I haven’t done yet. One is the reading of the “Selling Writer” book, which is one of the things, that will definitely get me into improving my skills as a writer. The other thing, is to start reading books in the genre that I want to write. I haven’t been doing any of that reading as well. I think I can still do reading in other genres and have that improve my skills as well. It’s sort of like how I watch good squash players on youtube all the time to help improve my squash game. Reading good writers, or just different writers is important to my skills as a writer as well. It will at least give me other ideas to implement into my own work. And, improve my skills as well. Part of me thinks I won’t like it, but I used to love reading sci fi and other books all the time. I think I just need to make an effort to get into it, and then I will begin to realize the value of it. There’s still a part of me inside that doesn’t think any of this will really pan out, and doesn’t place a value on that sort of thing, or anything realated to making money from writing. I really need to get over that nonsense. The other thing I want to become an engrained habit in my life is the question lesson that I picked up from the Tony Robbins course the other day. The habit of asking yourself 5 questions every morning, and coming up with 2 answers for each question. These are quality questions, that get your brain thinking about the things that are important to you in a positive way. I wrote down some really good questions, but I haven’t been checking them every day like I should. They won’t really take that much time, and they do work I believe. I think they can be one of the good take aways from this course that I can keep on doing. Just need to get them engrained as a habit. I did also book a squash court for today at 2pm, and hopefully David can make it. I had a great match the other day against Mark, and I’m convinced, that I can take David to task as well, and potentially beat him today. He’s currently sitting at number 2, just beneath Mark. I should see if Mark can play on Sunday. That would be good. I could get a match every other day over the next 5 days with David, Mark, and Eric (who I already have a court booked with). That would be some good matches, and a chance to really move up the ladder, and cement my spot in the number 1 position if I play well. Then of course, it will be a matter of defending that spot for the rest of the year. That’s my great motivation for keeping the fat off, and putting on some real muscle over the next month or two. If I can just get through the rest of these holidays with some good workouts, and habits, it shouldn’t be a problem. Looking forward to the rest of the squash season. Writing 5 books before the summer, and then spending some quality time out at the boat.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash, reading, 5 questions TV: scrubs BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: stew . . . no potatoes SNACKS: grapes, orange, apple, extra almonds ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 am AWAKE: 8:45 am

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