Morning Pages Entry – December 29, 2013

Well, we are narrowing in on another badge for my journal writing. Day number 30 in a row is coming up soon. That should be pretty cool. Yesterday had a few good things happen. One, I did head off to weight lifting again, and the back was feeling pretty good. It’s becoming a good routine, and I actually had to start a new fit fix card, because I’d filled up the other one already. It’s good to see the progress I’ve made with the weights, and it should be interesting to see, if I can keep up the routine till the summer time. By then, I think I should be pretty strong, and since I’ll be at the boat a bunch more often, it might be a good time to switch up the weight training to do some body weight exercises. Maybe a routine of prison cell push ups, and some genuine pull ups I could do somewhere at the boat. Maybe off the boom or something. I’m sure, I could rig something up. It would be good to do some different types of weight resistance . . . incorporating a little “muscle confusion” as Tony from P90X used to say. That would be good. A little more caveman like, with walks on the beach, and some serious muscle building stuff going on. If I can keep up some weight training for a full year, then I’m sure it will be a good habit. Just like this journaling, and just like my writing, and just like my Tony Robbins tapes. I’ll be building my body, building my mind, setting new goals, and living more in the moment, and enjoying life to it’s fullest. Then of course, I’ll have to drag Karen kicking and screaming into it as well. If she doesn’t do something for herself, with those bad knees, her life is just going to consistently keep getting worse. She’ll end up in a wheel chair at the rate she’s going. I really need to take over the whole food buying and cooking thing in the house I think. In light of that, I do need to start adding some new recipes to my reportiore. That pulled pork one would be a good idea. And the meatball recipe that you read in the Mens Health mag you got for Christmas would be a good place to start. The more recipes I can come up with, the more likely you will be able to find something for everyone in the family. Would it really be possible, to wean this family off it’s habitual sugar and crappy carbs diet. It would be a good thing for sure, but I need to work it into my list of habits gradually. You’d think, Karen would be happy to have be do all the food shopping and cooking. She really hates doing most of that, and to be quite honest, she make s some really bad choices any ways. We’d probably have a lot more cupboard space, if I could get rid of all the processed foods. And finding a good source of grass fed beef and pork, and chicken eggs that didn’t eat grains would be a pretty cool thing as well. That would be such a huge improvement in our lifestyles. Even Sam and Jess would benefit from it hugely with an increase in their swimming performance. They may not like it a first, but if I found some good things they liked to get started, it would be a much easier transition. Could gradually sneak into buying all the good food. The grass feed beef, pork, and chicken would be a big thing for sure as well. It would be a big improvement for me especially. The other couple of cool things that happened yesterday, was setting a PlayStation Plus membership, so I get all kids of free games with it. There’s a bunch of new ones coming out for January as well, which should be pretty cool. I setup a bunch (like around 12) of games to download last night, and I’m sure they’re still coming down. Badlands, was one of them. And next month, they have a few really good ones, like Bioshock Infinity, which I haven’t played yet, but am looking forward to. Incorporating games back into my life is a good thing I think. Should help a bit with the creativity. A good reward for getting some writing done. And, yesterday, I finally did some reading of a novel for a change. Still not the “Selling Writer” novel, but I did read another novel, which did get me thinking on ways to improve my own writing, which is a very good thing.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: reading, writing, squash, gaming TV: scrubs, glee, dawsons creek, Lone Range movie BOOK: ??? GAME: Last Of Us EXERCISE: Weight Training WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: Bacon & eggs LUNCH: Singapore Beef / Beef & Brocolli DINNER: Big ass salad SNACKS: grapes, orange, carmel corn (few handfuls) ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:30 AWAKE: 9:30

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