Morning Pages Entry – February 01, 2014

Well, here we are in a new month, and it’s my first journal. I’m actually a bit late writing this one, as it’s about 7:30 pm now. Been a bit of a busy day. Karen and Samantha are away at a swim meet in Windsor, and it’s just Jessica and I here at home. Kind of quiet and I have the whole bed to myself, which is always nice, but I got into way too much junk food last night, and that kind of got the day off to a pretty slow start. Not to mention I ended up losing to Eric in a team challenge, which was incredibly frustrating. He’s such an annoying guy to play, and even more so to lose to. Will have to work on that. The crappy food in my system I’m sure didn’t help. Any ways. Today Jess and I were still pretty busy. She had swim practice this morning, then home for lunch, and I had to drop her off at Ryans, and then I headed off for squash, while she hung out there for a while. Am playing tomorrow with Chris McKenzie it sounds like, and Jess will hang out at Jennifers apartment for a while, then come back here after with Jennifer for some pizza making time I think, while I head over to Tim’s next door for his superbowl party. That will be different. Meet some of his church friends, and hang out watching football. Tim’s always been a pretty nice guy, but we never hang out a whole lot. Will be fun perhaps, and some of his good cheer should rub off on me hopefully. I’ve been a bit of a grump the last 24 hours of so. That’s sort of strange. Not sure why. Maybe, something to do with having to deal with getting oil in the van yesterday, while jennifers friends got zoey so excited she peed all over the floor. I was kind of hoping to just relax a bit and enjoy some down time with no one around, when she sprung all that on me. What can you do I suppose, life just likes to have it’s way with you when you least expect it. Yesterday’s writing output wasn’t overly impressive either, as again only managed a few hundred words before just sort of procrastinating all day long. I had the time, I could have easily written a bunch more words, just for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to it. That stupid pleasure and pain thing again. I really need to come to better grips with that. I suppose, that so long as I get some words written. If I just had a bunch of books already out there, and had some money coming in, that I would be way more happy and relaxed about getting things done. But, I do have to go through the work, before that can happen. Need to get the books out there. Just imagine I’m thinking, what would you do and how creative would you be, if it didn’t matter. Didn’t matter I mean, if your next book flopped, or you didn’t make any money tomorrow, or didn’t matter what anybody really thought. I just need to enjoy things a bit more, and do things, because I enjoy them. Writing is fun. I believe that. It is fun to just make up stuff, that others would be interested in. I do believe that. So, learn from Samantha and her mistakes about taking swimming way to seriously. That never really works. Just get out there, and enjoy yourself. Get the basics taken care of, and have fun doing it. Then more fun, and happiness will follow. That should be my goal. Not so much to not eat junk for 30 days, but to be insanely happy for 30 days. Ever day, find a way to make yourself happy. Make your self smile. You’ve done it for the odd days in a row here and there, you just need to do it more consistently. How would I go about that? 30 days in a row of happiness. Of making others happy. Maybe, there’s something you could do every day . . . something different every day, that would bring a smile to yours and someone elses face. You can do it. It may take a little thought, and planning, but perhaps you can come up with 30 terrific things to make the world and a few people in it happier. It’s worth a try..

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 397 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash, reading, chauffer jessica around TV: greys anatomy BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: half salmon burger left over SNACKS: apple, orange, chips, cheeses, ice cream, chocolate chips ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 2 am AWAKE: 9 am


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