Morning Pages Entry – February 02, 2014

I’m in a terrible slump for eating these past two days, and I’m not to sure why. I can’t remember the last time I ate potato chips two days in a row. What the hell is that all about. I don’t know, if it’s because I’m on my own with Jessica for two days, or what. Somehow, I seem to be totally out of routine and eating all kinds of crap. Not only eating the crap, but for some reason I also seem to be craving the crap. Potato chip cravings??? That never happens to me. Gotta get back, into a better routine starting today, which won’t be that easy, since I’m going over to Tim’s for a superbowl party. The trick will be, I think, to eat all my super healthy stuff before I even head over there. He’s not much of a drinker, so there likely won’t be much booze to go around or anything, but that’s not my biggest problem these days. It’s feeling bad, and turning to food to make me feel better. I need to fix that. Need to find a new addiction. I did sort of like that 30 day habit I wrote about yesterday. The one, about finding something new every day to feel happy about. Specifically, making yourself happy, and doing something to make some body else happy. I do need to give that one some thought. Thirty days, of making somebody else happy. That’s an interesting premise. So many of the 30 day habit things, are centered around yourself. Around making something different or better in your life. This one, would be about making somebody else happy. It could be a stranger, it could be a close friend or family member. It needs to be something memorable each day. It can be spontaneous, or it can be planned. I think some planning will be involved, at least to put your self in the situation, where you have an opportunity to make somebody’s life happier. Every day for thirty days! That would be pretty cool. But, how? I should probably start off with a list. Make a list of as many people as I can for who’s life I could make better, and see how many I can come up with. That would be pretty interesting. How many people do you know that you care about enough to do this for. You should, be able to come up with 30 people that are close to you, and then, think about something they would really like to make their day better. That exercise in and of itself, would probably make you happy, just doing it I would think. Just thinking about making somebody feel better, has to make you feel better. It’s all positive energy. Yea, that could be pretty cool. That would be a way better addiction, then eating crap or staying up late, and watching stuff on TV you don’t even care about. Making a list wouldn’t be that hard. We could probably give it a go here now.

First of all, there is family: Karen Jennifer Samantha Jessica Mom David Stephen Mark Tristan Una Uncle Ray Aunt Joyce Tim Jeff

Well, I could probably go on with all the cousins, but I don’t know or see them well enough to add them I don’t think. Besides, I think it would be fun to mix it up with other people aren’t necessarily family.

There’s my squash team as well: David Mark Eric James Tony

We’ll leave Lucasz off the list, since he’s not really part of the team anyways. Then, of course we could go with the neighbours. There’s Tim & Patty next door. That’s only 21 people, but that’s not a bad start. I should I suppose, leave room for strangers, and just spontaneous things that can happen during the day. Those could be some of the more interesting ones. There’s also, all your facebook friends, which are mostly old drum corp people, that you could do something for that would make them smile. Coming up with what your actually going to do will take a bit of thought as well. You can always give people things, which is sure to make them happy. Just stuff out of the blue, that they don’t expect. That would be nice. Only works for real world friends though, that you see face to face. For online friends, I’m not too sure about. That could be tricky, and challenging to do. Will think about it some more, and add to my journals tomorrow.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash, superbowl party, write TV: tintin movie, dr who BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash challenge match WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, apple, chips & dip, chocolate chips, chocolate almond bar ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12am and 1am AWAKE: 9:30 am


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