Morning Pages Entry – February 08, 2014

Thank goodness Samantha decided she was too sick to go to swim practice at 5am this morning. Given, that I was up till 3:15 am last night finishing off “The Last Of Us” game on the PS3. Certainly a compelling and intriguing game. Best story telling in a game I’ve ever seen. The writing, voice acting, and character development were all top notch, and the ending was superb. Except for the technical glitch in the playing of the cut scene where my PS3 seemed to lock up. I suspect there was something wrong with the disc that was playing. Anyways, truly an amazing game combined with great story telling. I need to talk to someone about how it played out. It was truly an awesome game. Took me about twenty hours to play it I think, which is kinda quick for me considering that I tend to wander about a lot in the game. Oh yea, and hey the giraffe scene near the end was pretty spectacular. It was just the right blend of relief after a bunch of pretty tense moments. Playing both as the girl Ellie and the guy Joel was interesting. It gave you different perspectives on the plot as it moved along. Kinda of took you out of the story a bit, as you were looking down on the characters in an omniscient sort of way, but still you were drawn in as you were interacting with each player as you played them. Ellie got really tough at the end, the way she protected Joel, and brought him back. Would be interesting, to see if they do a sequel, and what happens when she realized that Joel lied to her about the FireFlys. I’m sure the brain trust at NaughtyDog are thinking the same thing, and that there will be a few sequels still coming down the line. Hopefully they will be for the PS3 as well as the PS4. If not, when they do come out with a sequel, it may be time to buy a PS4 just to play it. How crazy is that. One of each would be sort of cool. Then you would get even more free games each month with your PSN account. Something to look forward to when I’m making even more money. Or more like making some money. That really needs to start happening sooner rather then later. Now that I’m approaching 50K written words on my current novel, this whole writer thing is seeming more real. I need to get the ending done, then do some serious editing, then send it off to the brothers for their input. I’m sure the English majors will have something to add, assuming they have the time, then if need be, perhaps I’ll pay for a real editor. I think I’ll find a premade cover from someone. There are plenty of those to go around, and for around $35 you can get a pretty professional cover. Then it’s just up to me to write a good blurb, and get it out there. Gotta do some admin stuff, like the US tax expemption stuff, but that shouldn’t be a big deal. Then, we can start to get the production line working. Cranking out a novel of 200+ pages per month is still a workable goal I believe. Just need to get my word count up more consistently and go from there. It all starts with the word count. That’s the key. Write write write. Need to find a bit more of a burning desire to do the writing. Lately I still feel like my writing skills are not quite up to snuff yet. need to do some serious reading about how to write. Read the “Selling Writer”, and that new one you found “Million Dollar Outlines” a go. I just downloaded a preview of it for my phone, I now need to do a bit of reading of it. It would certainly make sense, to hear from two different writers on how to write. The Stephen King book On Writing would probably be a good one to get down the line. But only if your writing writing writing. I think this week was still a pretty good word count. Still not in the 10K per week area yet, but that’s just because I keep sucking on Mondays. Gonna have to work on that. Gotta get out at least 1000 words early on Monday. It’s all about know where to go with the plot. Know where your writing towards, and the rest is easier.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1153 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash with mark, write, read TV: dr who, greys anatomy BOOK: none GAME: The Last Of Us EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: singapore beef SNACKS: orange, grapes, dark chocolate ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 3:15 am AWAKE: 9:45 am


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