Morning Pages Entry – February 09, 2014

Well, today is Sunday and nothing too much going on around here today, but here’s to hoping I can get a little bit of writing done. It would help. Played a challenge match against Mark Darling yestarday, for the #2 spot on the team and he managed to come back on me a couple of times to win wasn’t too happy about that. I won the first 2 games, then I was up 8 to 5 in the fifth game, and he still managed to win it. That’s not good. Gotta do something about that for sure. I’m currently still stuck in the 4th spot, and that’s not a good thing. I do need to get above Eric. I’m sure we would have won all 5 spots last week, if I had been above him. I’ve never lost to Jamie on league night, which was who Eric lost to. And it didn’t matter which one of us would have played Andrew, we both would have beat him. Ahh well. Still in first place, and it only cost us a single point. This week could be more important though. It will be Kyles team, which is much tougher, and they’ll have their full lineup I’m sure. I’m gonna play Mark Williams today at 2, so that should be fun. Never played Mark outside of league nights, and he’s pretty tough. Will have to see how perky I’m feeling. Should be pretty good, I didn’t eat any junk yesterday, and I did manage to get a good 9 hours of sleep. That’s a good thing. Surprised I slept as long as I did, but I suppose, it makes up for the 6 hours I had the day before. Anyways, I feel a bit at a lost of what to write this morning. Not quite with it yet I suppose. Yesterday, we watch the movie Rush about the Formula 1 race car drivers James Hunt and the german guy whose name I’m forgetting at the moment in the 1976 races they had. It was pretty good. Directed by Ron Howard. The race sequences were pretty amazing, especially with the new sound system down stairs. Those Formula 1’s really do rumble through the sub woofer, and again the whole sectional shakes pretty good. I quite liked the movie, and Samantha actually stayed awake and watched the whole thing. She was sitting right next to the sub woofer . . . I think she really likes it. It’s nice, that we have not frigging swim meets to deal with this weekend. I get tired of those things pretty fast. So, today, we are going to write, and hopefully do a bit of reading. I know, I keep writing in here about the selling writer book I’m going to read, but I never get to it. Maybe, I need to force myself to spend a half hour right after my 750 words here and just do a half hour reading. That’s a good idea. Before I spend any wasted internet time browsing facebook or whatever, just read for 30 minutes fro the “Selling Writer”. That would be a great idea. I’m sure, I can discipline myself to do that. Again, just do the 30 days, and I’m sure you can get there. Starting today! Yes, I think I will do that. 30 minutes, but I’m sure it will help. Probably even better to do before I start any real writing, as if I do it just before the writing commences, then I’m more likely to take what I’ve read into my writing session. Couldn’t hurt, and is definitely worth trying. A concern I’ve had recently about my writing, is that it’s not exciting enough. That it’s perhaps too boring. That’s probably because, it feels a bit tedious to me when I’m doing the writing. Part of me thinks that’s a normal state. And I also think, that if I plot it out so it’s exciting, that the overall story will truly be exciting. It’s just that, while I’m buried in the details of writing the actual scenes, that it feels a bit tedious. That I’m just being too factual in detailing the facts and not making it exciting enough. Although, when I go back and actually read the stuff, it seems pretty good to me. Perhaps, when I’m going through and editing, I’ll get a better sense of whether it’s any good or not. Maybe, I just need to sit back and read the whole thing to get a sense of how good or bad it truly is.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash, read, write TV: Rush movie, dr who, greys anatomy BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash challenge match WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chicken, few carrots SNACKS: orange, orange, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:45 AWAKE: 9:30


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