Morning Pages Entry – February 13, 2014

If your going to be a fucking writer, then you need to fucking write. Just write write write. Write good stuff, write crappy stuff, just say the fuck with everything else around me and put in the time . . . do the writing. You know you can write fast, you know, even when you write fast, that the shit isn’t bad, and just imagine how good it will be in the hands of a decent editor, once you can afford one. After screwing around yesterday, and not actually sitting down to write until like 11:15 in the evening, I still managed to get out 1200 words or so before the clock struck midnight. That’s the thing, you can do this, and the 1000 word club your participating on in the Writers Cafe is great and all, but you have to stop taking it so literally. Sure, you can do 1000 words. Probably in around 40 minutes you can do that. What you need to do is so much better. Your behind, and besides, your happy when you write, once you get going, and start believing in what your doing. You can write your ass off. So, do your 5000 words per day, then fuck off and do something else. Do a cover, do some editing, go and play games for however friggin long you want to . Shit, you should be able to punch your 5000 words out in like 3 hours of actual working time, and that’s no big deal. Do the shit, get it done. Write write write. The more you produce the better it gets. Get your novel a month out there. Shit yea, you can do 75K words in three weeks, then edit the shit of it for a week, and what ever other crap it needs, like covers and whatever, then throw it out there. You’ll have another 5 hours a day to do all that other shit. Socialize the hell out of FaceBook with your readers or old drum corp buddies. Whatever. Check out the latest hot chicks, listen to music, play squash, watch too many movies and crappy sci fi. Hell, you could even read a lot more then you have been doing. That’s one of the keys to success in this whole friggin thing right. Then, once you start to feel more productive, and the cash starts falling from the sky, life gets even better. Write, travel, do whatever the fuck you want to. Just get to the writing. Like right now, after this shit is done, I’m posting my high score, then basking in the sun light. I’ll take off, relax, do whatever I feel the fuck like doing. It’s all about getting to the place where I feel better about whatever. Crank out the shit, and live life large. Large, yea, that’s something that I haven’t done in a while. Sail around the caribbean for winter, or whatever the hell. Writing from down there would be super cool, don’t you think. Throw money around, buy people all kinds of crazy shit, and basically just live large. I like that expression. Large Large Large. Do all kinds of fun and crazy nonsense, before this roller coaster ride is over, that sounds like some pretty amazing shit. And, it all starts with the writing. Just fuck everything else in your head, and get to the deed. It’s all about the writing, and I don’t give a damn about anything else when I’m doing that. Guard my writing time, like it’s precious . . . precious to me. Rip the head off of anything that gets in the way of it. That’s what I say. No more of this procrastinating crap. No more of other peoples priorities taking precedence over my shit. Me Me ME. Get to what I need first, then I can worry about the crap in other peoples lives, that keeps messing with me. It’s not selfish, it’s about priorities, and about doing things that make me better, faster, stronger, happier, and all the other frigging great emotions that I deserve to have. And, that I will have once I put the pedal down. So what, if some of it sucks. 90 percent of art sucks anyways, and you need to put your 90 percent out there, so you can get to your 10 percent. I know I have that 10 percent in me, and there’s no damn reason in the world for me to now put it out there. NOW!

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1215 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: write, read, squash league TV: dr who BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: pulled pork SNACKS: orange, grapes, mixed nuts, dark chocolate ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:30 AWAKE: 9:30


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