Morning Pages Entry – February 15, 2014

Well, here’s a first, I’m trying to to write my morning journal in the evening, while the tv is playing in the same room. This should be just a little bit distracting, but we’ll see how it goes. Yesterday, wasn’t a great day in terms of word production, but I did do a bunch of writing and watching some stuff from Jim Butcher. He’s the guy responsible for the dresden files novels, and apparently was taught by someone who believed in the same stuff that was writtein by Dwight V. Swain the author of the “Selling Writer” book, which actually, is kind of cool, because he’s a modern writer, that follows basically, the same stuff that I’ve been writing, and trying to incorporate into my novels. I really do need to read the book a few more times. It was good, reading his stuff though, because, it got me back to thinking about things, like how to compose a scene, and the sequel that follows it. I think I’d been kind of getting away from the correct scene approach, where basically your hero is trying to accomplish something, and the antagonist is trying to stop them, and eventually the hero sort of gets what they want, but not without a price. Or sometimes, they can totally fail, or sometimes the fail and actually make things incredibly worse. But mostly they should just get what they want, but not without some sort of price. That’s what keeps things interesting. I’m going to have a major editing job on my hands, I think, once I finish this first draft. I have a feeling, I’ve been making it to easy for my trio of heroes, and not extracting some sort of price for their successes. That’s OK. I think the earlier sections had some of that, when I first started reading the “Selling Writer” stuff, but I sort of got away from it. Time to try and get those things going again. But, since, it’s sort of in the evening again, I should say, that I got payback on Mark, by beating him at squash this afternoon. Last week, I should have been him, but he managed a pretty remarkable come back on me. I had led 2-0 in games, then he came back and tied it 2-2, and then, even when I was leading 8-5 in the 5th game, he still managed to win that win. Today, was almost the same thing. I won the first two games, he won the next two games, then I eventually won 12-10 in the 5th game. It was pretty grueling, but I was really glad to win it. Now, I’ve bounced myself from 4th back up to 2nd in our team rankings, which is really cool. Which bumps Mark to 3rd, and Eric back to 4th. We’re playing the YMCA team this week, so we should be able to rack up a few points. We’re going to need them, as we lost a bit of ground by losing to Kyles team on Thursday this week. That Fitness Forum team is gradually gaining ground on us. With only two weeks left to go though, we should be able to sustain our lead till the end. As long as we beat the Y good, then do the same to the TripleThreat team next week at Athletic Club. The other thing, I’ve been trying to do lately, is to eat a few more healthy carbs before I play my squash games in the form of mostly fruits. That seems to be working out pretty well, additionally, I’m trying to to a better warm up, and a better cool down in terms of dynamic stretching before my games, and static stretching after my games. That seems to be ok, but will be interesting to see how I feel by Monday this week, after I’ve played 3 days in a row. I was actually supposed to play 4 days in a row, but Greg Quigg can’t make it for Tuesday night house league. I’m undecided, as to whether I should get someone to come out and play me or not in lieu of Greg. I guess, we’ll just wait to see how I feel after monday. Maybe, I’ll just show up, and see if there is anyone around at the end that wants to play a bit. That’s probably the best way to go, as I don’t have to commit to anyone. Anyways, today was a pretty cool day, seeing as I’m back up the team ladder again. See, if I can beat David on Monday. That would be cool.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: read, write, squash challenge TV: dr who BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: pork roast, brocolli SNACKS: orange, apple, paleo nuts, dark chocolate ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:30 AWAKE: 5 am & 9:30 am


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