Morning Pages Entry – February 16, 2014

Good day yesterday, what with winning my squash challenge match yesterday, that bumps me back up to 2nd on the team. I think, I should do a bit more reading today about how to write stuff. That would be the selling writer book, since I haven’t finished reading it yet the first time. I think, I need to read this thing at least 3 times. Reading anything else is probably just extraneous fluff and distracting. I’m going to go back to my original thinking, that if I can write every novel following that book, that I would be successful. Sure, I can expand into other books and tools, and ways of thinking. I’m trying again to do this journal, with sam watching greys anatomy in the same room, and for sure it is a bit distracting, and hard to do. I have a squash game today with scott critch, which should be a bit interesting. There are olympics going on today, but nobody seems to be wanting to watching them. It is incredibly hard to coincentrate today on writing, what with the tv on in the same room. It’s actually getting pretty annoying. Yesterday, was pretty good with the eating thing as well. There was no chocolate involved whatsoever, and I did eat a few more carbs then normal, leading up to my squash match. That’s anther book I need to do more reading on, the Paleo Diet for Athletes. I need to refresh myself on the eating before and after a bit more. It’s not really supposed to be just more fruit before hand and after, but actually some liquid drinks. I still have a bit of an adversion to fruit juice and sports drinks, but I’ll have to see how that goes. I should try and get to my weights and my yoga this week. That would be good for me for sure. Squash, weight training, and yoga every week would really get me into much better shape. There is still plenty of squash to go this year, even though, we’re getting to the end of league, what with only 2 weeks of regular season play left to go for the C division. There’s still another month to go before the playoffs are over, since the C division is finishing a bit earlier this year. But, even after that, there’s still the club championships to go, which would be sort of fun to play in. I think, though, it will be tough slotting me into a division. I’d probably be sandbagging in the C division, but will get crushed in the B division. Unless of course, I drop another 10 pounds before then, and work the yoga every week before then. It’s the recovery thing, that can really make the difference I think. If I can recover faster between days and squash matches, I think that’s the key to things for me. Incorporating weights and yoga are a really good idea. Just need to find the time. I actually slept quite a bit last night, which was kind of surprising. I don’t usually sleep that much, but perhaps that tough match yesterday with Mark took more out of me then I thought it would. That’s ok, sleep, nutrition and diet are the big things that I really need to get stronger. Another good motivation for getting in great shape, is that the whole family will be around this summer, so for sure there will be lots of family pictures to go around. It would be nice to be in the best shape of everyone for the pictures. Nothing like a little family sibling rivalary to get me motivated. Besides, this could be the summer where I really actually look good with a shirt off. That’s always a good motivation as well. Lose some fat, put on some muscles, and you could look quite good for the summer. That would be pretty cool. Then perhaps, you could be a role model for the rest of the family. Maybe they would perhaps start listening to your advice for food and nutrition these days. That would be a good thing. Goodness knows, that Karen could improve her eating, and with Samantha being sick all the time, I’m sure eating better would go a long way to helping both of them. Even Jessica could do with some healthier eating. Just getting coke and other soda pops out of this house would be a huge hurdle and improvement to get past. Gonna take some convincing though.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash, reading TV: Enders Game movie, some olympics BOOK: none GAME: enslaved EXERCISE: squash challenge match WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chicken SNACKS: orange, apple, banana, orange, mixed nuts ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:30 & 1:00 AWAKE: 9:30


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