Morning Pages Entry – February 22, 2014

OK, so not a great few days to end the week, but it is a week ended none the less. Lots of room for imporovement these days. Need to focus more on the writing and the career, and not let silly things like squash games get the better of you. Sure, you lost a close match the other day, but it’s not like your the American mens hockey team, that just got shut out for the last 6 periods, and lost 5-0 against Finland in the bronze medal match and are going home with not medal at all in front of millions of viewers all around the world. Yea, I suppose, that when you put that into perspective, then, it doesn’t seem so bad after all. So, get out there, and get things going again. Write stories, live stories, get into your stories, and make your life a better place to be. That’s where we need to go with all of this. Nor more worrying about stuff that doesn’t deserve to be worried about. Today, we’re playing a squash match against Mark, and that’s for a team challenge as well, so get out there and do your best. Focus on playing a good game, and hitting the ball well. Hit with good length. Hit with purpose. Move around the court. Watch the ball, keep your racquet up, watch your opponent. No getting tired, and hitting desperate shots to try to win a rally. Play your game. Strong and muscular till the very end. Five games if you had to. Remember SCRFW Scruf Wins. Space, be aggressive with your space. Cross courts, don’t make any weak cross court shots, especially from your backhand. R for racquet, in other words, keep it up. F for Front wall, so pick up the ball coming off the front wall and react to it sooner. W for Watch, as in watch your opponent at all times, and make sure he’s not doing anything funky. That’s it. Just do all those things well, and you’ll win. Be patient. Run Mark down. I think, in the long run your are more fit, even if you’ve had a few interrupted nights of sleep lately. That doesn’t matter. Get in there, and fight for your spot. Then come Monday, you can give the gears to David, especially for bailing out the week of semi-finals. That’s it, go for it. Life is for living, not losing. And, even if you do lose a few, you win by keeping your chin up, and not giving up. No matte how tough it is. Always come back. Always get off the mat. Even if it’s a bit slower then before. Always get off the mat. So, with that in mind, remember to get to organizing your words. Get that first novel out there. So what if it sucks. Then do better on the next one, and the next one, and the next one after that. It’s no time to be getting down on yourself and quitting. That’s not what we’re doing here. So, you win today, and team Canada can win tomorrow playing against the Swedes in hockey for the Gold. Hopefully, that game is around noon as well. That should be fun to watch. Will be a tough one for sure. Wonder, if I can get a squash game for tomorrow, nobody booked in at the moment, but will have to see if I can get someone out for tomorrow. Maybe there will be someone around the courts today that wants to play tomorrow. Played a bunch of that Enslaved game yesterday, but spent most of the time cursing crappy game design. Had to repeat that one sequence like 50 times, before I finally got through it. That was no fun. That stupid game really should have smarts built into it, where things get easier once you’ve done a stupid sequence that many times. Designers really need to use their brains sometimes and make better decisions. Also played that BitRunner2 game yesterday for a bit. Now, there’s a game that’s very well designed, and a much better gamer experience in a lot of ways then Enslaved. Sure, Enslaved is a much more complex game to create, but that’s no excuse for sloppiness. With all the talent they would have had creating that game, you’d think they’d have more opportunites to make the experience better for the players. Anyways, I am almost done that one, and the cool thing, is that I have so many more games queued up to play thanks to my PSN membership. Go Gamer Go!

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: squash league, novel editing TV: dr who, canada vs US olympic hockey BOOK: none GAME: Enslaved, BitRunner2 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:30 AWAKE: 5am & 9am


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