Morning Pages Entry – January 01, 2014

So, here we are in a brand new year.2014. What’s going to be different this year. I’m not usually one for resolutions, but why not make this an interesting one, and really do things different. I feel like, I sort of ended the year with a few changes. Doing this journal is one, and listening to the Anthony Robbins audios is another. The holidays have kind of upset that rhythm, but there’s no reason to not get back on that horse shortly. I think I really will. The writing has made a difference in how I feel, and the audios have definitely affected my outlook on things as well. At the very least, they’ve given me an opportunity to be a little more introspective into my own motivations. That’s always been an interesting topic for me, considering my closet narcissism, that I’m always trying to fight. But, there’s no point fighting it when your doing something like those tapes. It’s kind of the whole point after all. To really understand yourself, with the ultimate goal of improving. And I do have a much better sense of optimism that I can do that now. That’s not to say, that the nagging doubts aren’t still there, but I’m not sure they will ever go away. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Sort of like that little bit of nervousness that everyone get’s before going on stage, or a big performance, or a speech, or a sports (squash) match. It’s what get’s you riled up, and focused. Gives you a bit of edge, if you learn to understand it for what it is, and use it for your advantage. I think it could work quite well in my instance. Just need to learn to embrace it, harness it, and use it to my advantage. On another note, yesterday was interesting, as I actually plugged in my old stereo to my PS3 in the basement. This place is really becoming a man cave. I was playing an old casette tape of Gowan thorugh it . . . talk about old school. The tape it self must be close to 30+ years old or more, and the casette player has to be around 35 years old. It still sounds pretty good though. I do need to fix up those old Soma speakers though. The one needs to have the woofer re-foamed, and I saw a couple of places to get kits for it online. They’re only about $15 bucks, and they give you enough foam for both speakers. I’ll have to order them in the next little while, and get around to that. It’s a bit of a tedious job, but that’s ok, it’s better then buying a new speaker, and besides, I have a somewhat nostalgic attachment to the ones that are down there anyways. They’s just as old as the casette player is. Maybe, the next step is to retrieve my old records from the attic, and setup the record player again. That would be pretty funny I think. I’m not sure the kids have actually seen a real live record player in action. It would be interesting as well to see what shape my records are in after all these years. I may need a proper shelf to put everything on though. Not that I really care how proper it all looks, as there are wires showing all over the place. And, that’s OK, as it really is a proper man cave after all. I’m sure my nethanderal ancestors wouldn’t care about a few wires lying around the cave 😉 Not that they would even know what they are. I was also playing a few games with the new setup, as the PS3 totally plays through the stereo as well. That “Big Little Planet” go-karting racing game came down as one of my downloads with the playstation plus membership. It seems like a cool little racing game as well. I think you can play it with 2 people as well. Not sure yet. It’s definitely a lot easier then playing that Grid 2 racing game, with is really tough. I still can’t get out of last place on the first race. Ah well, guess my old reflexes are just a little out of practice. Need to try a few of the other games with the new stereo setup though. Wonder, what some of the arcade (Galaga & Stardust) games will sound like it thorugh the old speakers. Only one way to find out!

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: reading, writing, workout TV: dick clarks countdown, Wolverine movie BOOK: none GAME: Little Big Planet Karting, Grid 2 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: grapes, orange, apple, almonds, dark chocolate ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 2:30 am AWAKE: 9:30 am

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