Morning Pages Entry – January 02, 2014

Ah, Ok, yesterday, was definitely a cheat day. Had Jennifers birthday dinner with the cousins, and my eating got a little out of hand. Lots of sweets and chocolates, and a bit too much drinking as well. That’s OK, it’s been a while since I did that, and it was probably coming for a while. Haven’t been eating enough paleo meals lately. Really just my regular eggs and bacon breakfast, with a big ass salad later in the day. There haven’t been too many other meals going on. Karen doesn’t seem that interested in cooking regular meals lately. That’s why, I do need to start adding a few more menu options to my meals reporitore lately. Today, I’ll go see if I can find a pork shoulder or leg, to do in my paleo pulled pork recipe. I did get all the spice ingredients, just couldn’t get the cut of pork I wanted. Of course, I went out a bit late, and tried to by it on new years eve, which just wasn’t going to happen. So, I’ll try it today. That should improve my odds somewhat. I’m getting to the point, I think, where this holiday thing needs to be over. I’ve gotten into some bad habits, of not doing my Tony tapes, and not doing much writing (except for this journal), or reading. Been a little preoccupied with the PLayStation Plus membership though. It’s like those machines have been downloading games for days now. They’re always downoading something, as it takes forever to download those big games, and my internet connection can be pretty sucky at time. I really wish Bell would uprade our neighbourhood to fibre or something faster, and more reliable then what we currently have. Although, some of the games I’ve gotten already are pretty cool. I was liking the LittleBigPlanetKarting game more then I thought I would. The racing is a whole lot easier then the Grid2 game, which is sort of much more of a serious racing game. Still can’t seem to get past the first real track yet, but I’ll keep plugging at it, and see how that goes. It’s good to have some games that are more of a challenge, so when it do finally beat them, it seems a bit more meaningful. I will have to try playing with the track creator/editor though. It looked kind of fun to make tracks with. That might be a bit of fun, and a creative outlook. It really feels cold here today. Had to get up a bit early to shuttle Sam and a few other swimmers off the Rev3K this morning. Not too bad though, as Karen did the really early one. Although my nights are getting much to long for me. I’ve been staying up later and later it seems playing games, and just generally surfing. Mostly playing games though. Last night it was like 2:30 or later, and I didn’t even feel tired at the time. I should have, with all I ate and drank, but that’s just the state of things. I seem to be recovering pretty well from it all though. I do have a squash match tonight with Dave Crowley at 6pm. Should be interesting to see how I hold up. Haven’t played Dave in a long time. It’s like the whole team again lately. I played Bruce a few days ago, and now Dave. Have a few challenges coming up this weekend. Playing both Mark and Eric over the weekend. That should be somewhat interesting. Haven’t really beaten Eric yet this year, but I’m playing better now, so we’ll see if I can keep up with his tricky stuff. Should be able to beat him pretty well, if I get back to my good eating habits. Which of course I will! Starting today. Gonna get the pulled pork recipe going, maybe even do some reading, and a bit of writing to make things better for my habits. Or, I could just wait till Monday, and really get back into the swing of things. The house league should be starting up next week, or the week after? I’m not really sure. So many things to get to, books to read, writing to do, and games to play. I’m not really sure where to start. If I can get my act together with the writing, I think this could be a pretty amazing year. It would be nice to have time this summer to just work on boat stuff, rather then worrying about work all the time when I’m up in Bayfield.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash, reading, writing, pulled pork, games TV: scrubs BOOK: none GAME: Grid2, LittleBigPlanetKarting EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: ribs & chicken SNACKS: grapes, too much chocolate, ice cream cake, ice cream bar ALCOHOL: wine, baileys BEDTIME: 2:30 am AWAKE: 8:00 am

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