Morning Pages Entry – January 06, 2014

Well, first day back after holidays, and the kids get a friggin snow day . . . REALLY! Send those slackers off to school, and get out of my routine will you. On top of it all, of course, I end up shoveling snow this morning to get the car out of the driveway. Ah well, at least that got Karen out of the house and off to work. 1 out of 3, I guess is better than none out of three. So, fuck it, today may not be a perfect back to regular routine sort of day, but we’ll do the best we can. Get some writing, some reading, and some listening to Tony back into the routine. I’ll probably just listen to the a tape I already listened to of his, but that’s ok, as long as it gets me back into the routine. I still listen to the subliminal tapes he provides as I’m writing my journals, and that seems to help with my disposition first thing in the morning, and that’s a good thing. I do need to start using these journals a little more effectively and to my benefit, that just a straight in the moment brain dump. I think, I can use them to talk about how my novels are going, and where I need to take my characters and story line. I think I can also use them to summarize the things I’ve learned in the previous day about writing, and about how my brain works . .. specifically, the stuff from the “Selling Writer” book, and the stuff I learn from the Tony Robbins tapes. I do believe that while listening to the tapes, and doing the exercises is one way to learn and enforce the learning, I also believe, that summarizing the tapes the next day in my journal will also help to reinforce those lessons. And, of course, after I’ve done the tapes, to go through them again, or to take another one of his courses would also be very beneficial. Probably a new course, as that will give me fresh ideas and ways of thinking about things. And it will give the lessons from the early course time to sink into my subconcious. I do believe I should get back to the early course, and repeat it again, but maybe only once every 3 months. If I can find a new tape of Tony’s to listen to each day for 90 days, then I think that would be a good thing to do for say one year. After that year, I would think the lessons would be pretty ingrained, and as long as I can take away a few good habits from those courses then I would be off to a good change. Good habits, like the five daily questions that I need to come up with 2 answers to every day. Those are good habits, and one I need to work on if I’m going to be successfuly going forward. And, being successful, means success in a number of areas. Not just in terms of selling books, but in terms of being happy, and making the people around me happy, and leading a fufilling and rewarding life. That’s really the best any of us can do. Habits, habits, habits, it’s about those daily things we do, no matter how small they are, that really make the difference in the bigger picture. What are you going to do today, to make your life better? That’s a question I’ve often asked myself in the past, on a daily basis, but never really made it a habit, and never really acted on that on a daily basis. It’s a lesson Tony pushes, and one that resonates with me. I need to move more in that direction. I also have a squash match with David later today. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it, with all the routine changes here. Jessica is off sick, and I will likely have to take her with me, if she’s not well enough to go swimming. She wasn’t that great yesterday, so swimming is probably not a good idea for her. We’ll see how she is feeling when she gets up later. Either way, this squash match today, is my last chance to grab the top spot on the team, before the second half of the league season kicks off. Should be interesting to see how it goes. One of my squash goals this year, was to take that number 1 spot and not give it up for the rest of the year. We’ll see what happens.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash, reading, writing, questions TV: dr who, srubs BOOK: none GAME: grid 2 EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 177 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: paleo pulled pork SNACKS: grapes, orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:00 pm AWAKE: 8:00 am

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