Morning Pages Entry – January 08, 2014

So here we go, and almost a real back to school day finally, just Jessica is still at home, as her school was cancelled for the day. That’s OK, I supposed as long as she doesn’t suck up too much of my bandwidth with NetFlix for the day. So today, I went to the Gym, and did some weights, and the scale said I was down to 175, which is pretty good, considering, it’s the first weigh in since after the holidays. I think, this may go down in my history as the first Christmas where I’ve actually managed to lose weight. That’s a major bonus. I am behind a little on my squash plan to take over the number 1 spot on the team, but that’s ok, I’ll get it for next week. Maybe I’ll play David on Monday again at 4, and get the number 1 spot from him then. That would be kinda cool. I’m not sure who we play after that. Probably one of the GoodLife teams, but we’ll see. My goal was to take over the number 1 spot for the second half of the season, but considering I’m at the number 2, that’s not so bad. I do need to lose enough fat, and put on enough muscle to take out that number 1 from the YMCA when we play them next, which I think is in like 6 weeks. I could in all likelihood get down below 170 before that happens, but not likely to 160. Probably more like around 165 by that time, based on my prior 30 day weight loss schedule. Anyways, at least by the time I hit 170, I should be crushing David and all challengers to the number 1 spot on the team. That would be really cool. The pulled pork recipe is another great weapon in my menu aresnal, but I still need a few more items. I should probably add that nut trail mix I was doing a few weeks ago, as it gives me something I like in the evenings in case I’m getting a bit hungry. One of the paleo goals for me, is to get enough food at my disposal, that it becomes something I don’t even think about anymore. If I’m just eating the good stuff, and not really giving it any second thought, then I’m pretty happy, as it just becomes second nature and I can truly do it forever, as I’ll have the mental side of things beat for good. Then, ultimately, when I get down to <15% body fat, others will really just have to follow suit. I haven't been harassing anyone too much about what they eat around here, as I figured, I needed to practice what I preach for a while before anyone would truly listen to me. Everyone in the family would obviously benefit from what I do [personal stuff edited out]. If I can beat that weight, and I think if I get down to a body fat percentage of around 10-12%, then I would be around 155, she would have to sit up and notice. I do notice, that she has been eating my eggs and bacon lately, so some of it must be thinking in. I think, Samantha is a bit of a harder sell, as she seems to think she's immune to bad eating because of the amount of workouts she does, but to be honest, I think her swim times would improve incredibly, if she adopted the paleo approach more religiously. Given the amount of training she does[personal stuff edited out]. But, her obsession with sugar, is holding her back I'm sure. So, yesterday, I did a new Tony Robbins tape, where he talked about core beliefs, and he described how he used his "Dickens" approach to get people to change theirs. Basically, he based it somewhat on the "Christmas Carol" story by Charles Dickens, and asks us to pretend like we are visited by the ghost of Christmas future, and how holding onto our damaging core beliefs will cost us by envisioning what they do to us 5, 10, and 20 years into the future. It's a pretty dramatic representation of what we believe can do or not do for us down the road. I came up with 2 new core beliefs that should help me going forward. The are "I am so creative, it's friggin' scary." and the second one was "Writing novels is a license to print money.". A third one I'd like to follow is simply "Writing is easy.". LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: yoga, writing, reading, 5 questions, TV: scrubs, greys anatomy, futurama BOOK: none GAME: The Last Of Us EXERCISE: weight training WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: grapes, orange ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 am AWAKE: 8:00 am

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