Morning Pages Entry – January 10, 2014

Well, I’ve decided, that gorging yourself on chocolate after a bad lose in squash league is a really dumb idea. I don’t know what it is inside of me that decides that depression can be resolved by food, but I really wish I could banish it from my body forever. Not only did gorging on chocolate late at night keep me up later, but it also woke me up earlier like 5am feeling very warm and a bit sweaty. Which happens all the time whenever I drink too much or eat too much chocolate. I’m not sure whatever the chemical reactions are going on inside my body, but both booze and chocolate have the same effect. They cause me sleep to get worse, and more uncomfortable. Plus, in the long term, they just add to my weight. If I’m ever going to get down to my 12% body fat, both of those late night eating habits need to go! Banished from my lifestyle forever! One good thing, I suppose from all that, was that during my early morning lying in bed awake somewhat warm, was that I thought a bit more about the novel, and where I was in the writing. My heroes need to basically drive their car past a horde of zombies on a bridge with no easy exit, and the zombies are basically intent on trying to get into a truck that is full of pigs in cages to feed themselves. I think what my heroes should attempt, is to sneak past the zombies by covering the windows of the car with dead zombie guts, blood, limbs, heads, and other bodily fluids, that they find from other corpses already lining the bridge. Then they should lie low in the car as it is on idle only and try to keep the car going straight as the car gently pushes through the horde, which if they go slow enough should just gently push the zombies to the side. They don’t really want to start running the zombie over, as that will likely get the car stuck. But I think the car should get stuck, and somehow, their disguise should start to wear off, so the zombie begin to realize there are people inside. That should distract a number of the zombies from the pigs to try and get into the car. It should be a situation where it seems totally desperate and hopeless for the zombies in the car. The only thing that ultimately saves them, is the little (Christa), who used to be a zombie, but has evolved to a higher state, is somehow able to save them, controlling the zombies around the car. Probably, nothing too spectacular, but just enough to give them time to break through the mob and make it to the other side of the bridge. Maybe she is only able to reach some of the zombies. Say, ultimately, it becomes the ones that are likely to evolve the way she has. Some zombies, never make it through the transistion, and only end up exploding like the other kids on the bus. Not sure if there are any plot holes with that, and the whole exploding zombie thing. Perhaps, the kids did it, because they’re at a different state due to being kids. We could explore that a little bit more. Any ways, that should give you a little bit more to work at with getting some more work done on the novel. Which would be an awesome thing. I really need to make that a better habit for me. At the very least, it needs to become a habit. THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE … just write!!! The reading and the writing, both need to become more engrained in my daily life. The Tony Robbins tape was interesting yesterday. It was about setting a bunch of goals in different areas yesterday. Personal, material, and financial. Basically three goals in each. What struck me most about them, was when he asked me the question of “How would you feel in a year if you could accomplish all 3 of those goals?” (there where 3 goals in each area that could be resolved in one year). I had to admit, that that was a pretty awesome feeling, and it really made me want to get there. Of course, we all know that the SOLUTION IS SIMPLE. Just write. The personal goals alone, were basically 1. Be a successful writer 2. be a high “B”, low “A” squash player, and 3. Learn something new every year. The material goals were pretty much 1. Bigger Boat 2. Bigger House and 3. Caribbean Resort / Timeshare every year. I really love those goals, and if I can get my writing up to 10K per month or more, that would be totally doable I think. I really want to get there!

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: reading, writing, tony robbins, groceries TV: Dr Who, Trek Nation, Lord Of The Rings Documentary BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash league WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: paleo pulled pork SNACKS: grapes, orange, way too much chocolate ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 1:00 am AWAKE: 5am & 10 am

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