Morning Pages Entry – January 11, 2014

Well, felling a little under the weather yesterday and today. Picked up a bit of a cold, both Samantha and I seem to have it. Think we got it from Jessica. Mainly feeling a little groggy, and stuffed up mostly. I’m supposed to be playing squash against Mark today in a challenge match, so this won’t help, but what the hell, if he’s still willing to expose himself to my nasty germs, then I don’t really mind playing. It will be extra tough to hold onto my spot, but the workout will probably do me some good, and maybe chase some of these nasties away. Still, these days, my biggest problem remains the writing thing. It’s like there’s this gigantic road block in my mind, that I can’t make a go of it as a writer. It’s pretty ridiculous actually, considering all the good ideas in my head, and how quick I can type them into my computer. Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed a bit once I got going at it, and I strongly believe, that I could just get that first book out, and enjoy a bit of success, that I could really turn this around. Turn my life around that is, in a major way. I’ve read I don’t knokw how many dozens of stories of people that have had terrific success doing just that. And, there’s no reason to believe that they are any better at writing then I am or could be if I just wrote a few million words and got them published. Some of their successes, have been just average monthly incomes, but some of been truly outstanding, life changing shit. Tens of thousands dollars a month are within reach, if you can be prolific enough, and I believe I have it in me to be prolific enough, and to get enough crazy ideas out there to be entertaining enough to an audience of readers. My audience of readers. I really just need to do it. The Robbins stuff all makes sense, but the truth of it is, I just need to write. That really is the simplest solution. All the other motivitational and inspirational stuff is true, but at the core of it all, if I just write, and write and write some more on a regular basis, then some level of success is certainly attainable. All the platitudes and quotes and thinking about it won’t get me anywhere, until I become obsessed with the idea of getting as many words written and published as I can do. It’s all totally possible, and I know I can do it with my current abilities. I just need to believe a little bit for just long enough to get things in motion. Just having that first book out there would be amazing. It would give me something to believe in, something to promote, something to track, something to obsess over. It would have to make the second book that much easier. I come so close so many times to doing the writing, then I just shy away. I’m over thinking it, is what I’m doing . . . like my buddy Bruce used to say “Thinking is bad for the team”, and yes it really is. Just turn off that part of the brain that worries about things going wrong, and focus on the creative stuff that is fighting to get out there and do the work. It would be fun, and that’s great. It would be great to have fun with this stuff. Sure, it’s only make believe, but you love make believe. You love it in games, in books, in tv shows, in movies, and in your dreams. Why shouldn’t you take a part in creating some of your own. Even if it sucks in the beginning, that’s OK. It will only get better, and who knows where it will lead you. Taking on something like this could lead you to all kinds of amazing stuff. Just imagine if someone somewhere took a fancy to your stuff, and decided to make a movie or tv show out of it. Talk about working your way onto a movie set. That would be a totally amazing way to do that. Could you imagine being the original writer, that just hangs around a big movie set watching all kinds of skilled artists turning your creation into a movie for the big screen. Even if it sucked, who cares, it would be an opportunity to be a part of something you’ve dreamed all your life over.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 0 TODO: read, write, play squash TV: Grey’s Anatomy, Baby Daddy BOOK: none GAME: The Last Of Us EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: Bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: apple, orange, sunflower seeds ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:30 am AWAKE: 7:30 am

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