Morning Pages Entry – January 14, 2014

So, yesterday, I felt a bit like a real writer, as I did a couple of things that a real writer would do. Number 1, and the really important one, was that I wrote. I wrote on my novel for the first time this year. And yes it was a bit of a push, as I felt I had to fight my way through parts of it, but I did eventually write 1121 words. That is a very good thing. Then, secondly, I made myself accountable for it, by publishing it in the 1000 word thread for 2014 on the WritersCafe forum. So, now I’m publicly logging my writing in a forum that everyone can see. Not sure if anyone is really interested, but tough, I know it’s there, and I’m going to put it there. And, I’m going to add to that work count every day. It’s going to get bigger, till I don’t know how big. If I can get to 10K words per day, that would be friggin awesome. But I definitely think I can get to 5K words without too much sacrafice. The trick I think, is to build up gradually, like doing weights. Getting stronger every time. Although this time, instead of making my biceps, quads, and triceps stronger, I’m going to make my writing muscle stronger. Where ever that muscle is, mostly in my brain, but a little in my heart as well, it’s going to get stronger and stronger everyday, as I aim for a higher word weight as I go along. I think, I’m going to get more relaxed and better at it as I go along to. Like I do with these journal pages. They just generally flow. I think my writing will get better the more I get comfortable with it as well. While yesterday felt a bit forced, I want to gradually move to a state where I feel more creative and in tune with my characters. With that in mind, I think I’ll start using these morning journal pages as a way to spark that creativity. A brainstorming session if you will for what I plan on writing later in the novel. So, at the current point in time, my heroes are in their zombie mobile . . . a car cover in zombie parts as camaflogue . .. trying to sneak past the real zombie horde trying to get at a bunch of pigs locked in the back of a transport truck on a bridge, that they need to get across to save the world. No pressure. I was thinking, that it would be good to ratchet up the tension up a bit. One I was thinking, that somehow, their car should get a bit stuck in the crowd trying to get through. Say then, perhaps the zombies might start to suspect there is something about the car that is suscpious, and they may try to start breaking into it or something. Then, say, just as they’re about to break into it and get at our heroes, the truck tips over from the zombies pushing on it, and it lands on top of the car, temporarily rescuing our heroes from being zombie foder. But, now obviously they’re still trapped in the car and need to get across the bridge. But now we have zombies ravenously feeding on pigs . . . pigs squealing and running around the place trying to get away, and our heroes in even more of a pickle. They decide desperately, that their only way now, is to fight their way across the bridge hoping against hope, that the pigs will keep the zombies distracted. But of course there are just too many zombie and not enough pigs around for that to happen. They are able to fight for a while, but eventually, the zombies start to overwhelm them. It is at this point, I think where Christa discovers that she has some magical/zombie/repellent force within her, and she is able to control and command the hoard barely enough to give them a path to get across the bridge. At some point the make their real escape, by the horde thinning enough as they near the end of the bridge. In the meantime though, we have introduced a new twist to Christa’s character. Which of course makes her even more valuable, and gives Chaz even more reason to distrust. But, given her new ability, she becomes an invaluable tool in getting them to their final destination with little interruption from the zombies along the way.

LOCATION: home office WORDS WRITTEN: 1121 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: squash house league, writing, reading TV: grey’s anatomy, dr who, septen orchestra documentary in Haiti BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: squash WEIGHT: 175 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: paleo pulled pork, brocolli SNACKS: grapes, orange, nuts trail mix ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:30 but layed awake till 2 am AWAKE: 5am and 9 am


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