Morning Pages Entry – January 23, 2014

Well, yesterday was almost a disaster in terms of word count writing, but I did manage to get a few out there by the end of the day. Just a little over 1500. I got a bit distracted with doing a bit of research on Fort Knox in the way of a few documentaries from the History Channel. They were pretty informative, and I did manage to pick up a few things that I think will be useful. Specifically about the security measures they have in place, or to be even more specific, about the lack of public information regarding what security measures are really in place there. They like to keep things secret, so that no one really knows what goes on inside. I suppose, if you don’t know what your up against, then it’s pretty tough to plan a break in, or whatever. The place seems pretty inpenetrable to be honest. Can’t imagine anyone would consider breaking into the place. Although, I suppose, if you were planning on breaking into the place, it could be for ulterior motives, then just stealing gold. I mean the gold is so damn heavy, what’s the point? Sure, you can maybe make it out with a few bars in your back pack, but the effort required for a few hundred thousand dollars wouldn’t be really worth it. A really good motive for getting in though, would be to discredit or bring down the government. Now, that might make for an interesting story. Given the number of rumours of what is really stored in the place, or even what is NOT stored in the place. It’s such a secretive place, that there have been countless conspiracy stories springing up all over. Like, there is NO gold stored there, that it’s either somewhere else, or had to be used to pay off government loans. That the rosewell aliens are actually stored there. That a military plane wreckage that was chasing a UFO over the fort was shot down and stored there. There are just all kinds of crazy ideas. Of course, the cool thing as a writer, is that I can let my imagination go a little bit crazy with the place. Given that there really is so many unanswered and undocumented things about the place, that I can make up just about anything, and no one can really disprove or deny it. I’m sort of surprised, that not too many people have told stories about the place in the past. There was the James Bond Goldfinger movie, where the depository figured prominetly in the story, but that was the really big one. I think where I’m going with it, and using it as a special place with secret labs and goverment officials hiding from zombies make it a sort of cool thing. Any ways, I think I have some cool places to go with this story now. It seems like with the number of words, that I have currently written (somewhere around 33K) I think maybe the first story should end up finishing at the Fort, or perhaps shortly after where Chaz wakes up after 3 years. That just may be enough words for a good first start. If that’s the case, what I had mapped out for the first book, could actually end up being a whole series. At least, at the rate I was writing. I will definitely have to go back and edit a bunch of the story lines. I’ve been at this one so long, I’m not to sure if everything connects where it should be. I also have a sneaking feeling, that things need to be spiced up a bit. Like the early chapters of the “Selling Writer” book were talking about where you can make conflict and scenes interesting, but creating suspense and conflict. I really need to re read those sections again to remember how that worked. I really need to finish that book and use it as I’m going through my writing. I think one of the things that are slowing me down a bit, is my uncertainity about whether I’m doing it right or not. When really, I should just focus on doing it and doing it over and over. But, I would still like to know that I’m doing it right, and getting better at it as I go. I think that’s definitely key, if I want to play this game for the long haul. And, I really do want to play this game for the long haul. I’m kind of tired of my efforts turning to dust.

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