Morning Pages Entry – January 24, 2014

Well, let’s see, yesterday was a pretty good day. I’m still way behind on my 10K word goal for the week, but maybe today will catch me up. Will have to do 3000+ words, but that’s totally doable if I get my butt in gear. I do have to stop starting my days so late. I keep procrastinating getting to my keyboard in the morning it seems these days. That’s no so good. Will have to work on that. We’ll see. Anyways, yesterday was a pretty good day. I got over 1500 words written, in spite of some good distractions yesterday. The distractions were good, in that I think I found some good stuff to help me with my writing in terms of structure. A scrivener writers template that had some structure guidelines and a blog I found by some writer recommend it, and I think it will help. I’m definitely thinking, that my first story will climax with the scene at Fort Knox, and we’re already writing that part. I’m at about 34000 words, and I think I should be able to beef up enough of the story to get it to 50000 words for a proper length for my first novel. I’ve already got some outlining done for the next novels obviously, as the original outline covered a lot more ground. Guess, I just didn’t realize how many words it would take when I did the first outline. Or, maybe I’m just a bit too wordy. It’s sort of hard to say. Maybe, if I can get a good editor to do some work for me then that should help. The team won at squash last night, but it wasn’t much of a battle. Diegos team only had 4 players, and they’re likely the worst team in the league. It wasn’t very close, that’s for sure. Although, we didn’t win all the matches. I was a bit disappointed about that. David lost his match to Jay Nash, which never should have happened. David is just a little too easy going sometimes. Any ways. We’ll see what happens next. I indulged in a bit too much junk food last night. I can feel myself slipping into some bad habits in terms of eating again. Have to work on that. I’m wondering, if it’s because I haven’t done the Tony Robbins tapes at all this week. Those, do seem to get my head in a better space. It’s like I’ve traded my Robbins tape time for writing time. Which is for sure a better trade, but I’d still like to find a way to get Tony in. As much as the writing is good, I like to do the mental exercises from Tony. Getting in good mental shape, is just as important, as getting in good physical shape. And, while I haven’t done great with the squash this week since my achilles is acting up again, I did hit the weights last night, and that seemed pretty good. I was doing more weights and more reps, on pretty much all my movements. And the last core ab crunches seemed particularly easier. That’s a good sign. I’d really like to see my abs improve in strength. That’s just key to so many things. I do need to get my head in a better space starting today though. I’m going to say it right now. 30 days . . . NO CHOCOLATE. Just like I did at Christmas, I’m going to make it 30 days without chocolate. No more fucking around with using it as a crutch to make me feel good. I’ve deviated from my plan a bit, but it’s time to get back on track. Don’t let this stupid ankle injury set you back. There’s still plenty of squash to be played this season, and your going to be there in the heat of it, if you stick to the plan. I need to break 170 pounds before the end of league. That would be totally awesome. If I need to fast for a day or so to kick it into gear, then I will. Maybe next week, some day that would be a good idea. I need to get my head and cravings back under control. Then I think it would definitely be doable. Definitely a good thing. Would be interesting to see what a day of fasting would do for my weight. Maybe even 2 days a week, under the 600 calories thing. That worked pretty well for some of the squash boys from Monday night. Bet it could work for me, once I get things totally under control.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1620 PUSHUPS: 25 TODO: reading, writing, squash scores, TV: dr who BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: weights fit fix WEIGHT: 176 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: paleo pulled pork SNACKS: orange, grapes, dark chocolate, nuts trail mix, too many chocolate chips ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME:12:30 am AWAKE: 8:30 am


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