Morning Pages Entry – January 25, 2014

Ok, so, here we go, continuing with the streak. Which is kind of cool in and of itself. It really is a good habit, and I think I would be lost without it. Cool. This is Saturday, and the past week, was supposed to be a 10K week for me, which didn’t seem so tough, but I didn’t quite make it. I only got to around 8500 words I think. So, there is definitely room for improvement. I thought 2000 words per day wouldn’t be so tough, but, I found out it was a little tougher then I had hoped. Something to work towards. Having some better idea of where the story is going ahead of time is definitely a good thing. I kind of figured that out late in the week, when I was reviewing some threads, and got pointed towards a 7 point structure plan for writing stories. I think, I will use it to overhaul my story a bit. Even though I didn’t get as far as I wanted with my word count, I definitely learned a few things, and as Tony Robbins would say, that’s a success if of course you define success that way. And I for one have decided to define it that way. The research I did on Fort Knox the one day will be helpful, and the article I found will be helpful on structuring my stories into the future. Even if I modify it a bit as I go, which I probably will, or I find an entirely different way of structuring stories that I feel is better. The more you know, and the more tools you have in your tool chest, the better you can be at your craft. And, if my craft is going to be writing, then so be it. That’s the way it’s going to be. And really, I do need to read more of the “Selling Writer” book as I go along. It’s a great source of ideas and how to do things. I probably need to read it at least 3 times . . . at least the good parts to figure out where really how I should use the information. But, I do believe if that book encompased my entire knowledge of story writing and I followed it to a T, that I would be a very successful writer. Following it to a T, probably won’t happen, but I’m sure I can use parts of it to mold me into being the writer I want to be. One that enjoys the process of writing, and am good at it, and make a bunch of money at it. I said on one of the Tony Robbins tapes, that my financial goal, was 1000 dollars per day in net revenue for me on book sales. And, I know others have done it, so why not me. Why shouldn’t I. It’s a matter of smarts, and perserverence, and making good decisions about where to go next, and getting good at your craft. And loving your craft, which I’m sure is something I can do. It would be a totally awesome feeling, to get up everyday, knowing that I was doing something that I loved doing, and I was good at it, and I was totally self reliant. That money was no object for any of my daily decisions. That would truly be awesome. And I believe, that I can get to that point. And I believe that writing in some form or another can get me to that point. There are so many things, when I look back at my life that point to me being a writer, but I just didn’t listen to them. There were other things pointing as well, to other things, and well, I’ve done those, so why not move towards the writing. I mean, I’m already moving towards the writing, I just need to pick up the pace in that direction. It’s wide open to me, and I just need to go for it a little bit more. The more I try, the more I push, the better it will get. And the easier, and the more fun, and the more passionate it will be. It will just become better, and I will be a better person for it, and the people around me will live better lives because of my decisions. I will be in charge, and make things happen the way I want to make them happen. Out with the bad, and in with the good.

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