Morning Pages Entry – July 07, 2014

Stuck in a writing rut again, so today, we’re just going to brainstorm, and write like a crazy fool. So, here we go.

Chaz was shocked and amazed, that the vice president Alvin Theodore was actually here in the facility. Ever since he hard about the blowing up of the white house and the pentagon, he had to assume that all the staff there including the president and VP were gone. Which was part of the reason, why total anarchy seemed to be ruling the roost. Well, it would appear, that that wasn’t the case this time. It would seem, that the vice president was safe and sound. Alvin was indeed a dramatic figure in the entire politics of the united states. He was the only vice president so serve consecutive terms with the same presidents. Given the state of the country durin the internal war time, it made sense to everyone, that there was some sort of continuity at the higher levels, but it was too good to be true, that the vp would be here at the fort. It had been a long time, since there had been a politician that had won the hearts and minds of the general population, the way that Theodore had. He’s served two three different presidents, and two different political parties during his time in office. And, in the process he somehow managed to retain a very high public profile in the process. His approval rating never dipped below anything less than stunning. But, wait a minute, this guy taking the stage didn’t look anything like Theodore. And, as he starts talking, he weaves a story about how the new subject is their opportunity to save the earth. About how, for the first time, this kid actually gives them a chance to beat the freaks at their own game. This is not the vice president. Why are all the people in the room nodding their heads in agreement with what he’s saying. Don’t they realize who he is. How long exactly have these people been locked away in the fort? It would seem, that the military are the only ones with any real contact with the outside, and should it be coincintental that they don’t know what’s going on down at this level? This imposter is not the vice president of the US. He deosn’t even look anything like him. But, everyone around here seems to believe. He’s talking about supporting the plan to push Christa out into the world to spread the mutation, but then he talks, about bringing her back to be studied further. To be worshipped and revered … he actually starts talking a little like those freak huggers. Then the VP drops a few other clues, and starts talking dogma that sounds strangely like the freak huggers, that Chaz encountered out in the farmers field after leaving the swamp. It should be Chaz suscipious, but make it hard for him to really put a finger on it. After the presentation is done, Chaz should snoop around a little more. He talks with a few of the attendees at the conference, then breaks into a few offices, to see what is going on. He confirms suscipions that these are a faction of the free hugger believers. That somehow, they want to want to use Christa in a malicious way for their own enlightenment. That somehow, they can use parts of her maybe, by ingesting bits of her over time, they think they can become like her … one of the zombie freak, and find true enlightenment. But, they plan to keep her alive, in a sort of suspended animation mode to keep pulling body parts, and dna from her to further their sick beliefs and to ge to their version of nirvana. Maybe, it could be the real vice president, but that he is being controlled by the shadow government and used to further their causes. It could be, that they have his family locked away, and threatening to turn them into freaks. That would be a more viable alternative. They could be the ones responsible for blowing up the white house, and the pentagon for the purpose of isolating the vice president for their purposes, and getting rid of the president, when everyone thinks, that they are all dead. This could become another sub plot to be dealt with in later books. There should be some resolution to it here though. Maybe take out a nasty leader of theirs or something.

TIGERBLOOD: nah DAILYMOOD: all over the place LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1500 PUSHUPS: 3:00 wall sit at the boat TODO: write, fix dinghy and dinghy outboard TV: californication BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: walk WEIGHT: 168 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: spaghetti squash SNACKS: orange, apple, grapes, walnuts ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:15 AWAKE: 7:00


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