Morning Pages Entry – July 09, 2014

So, the brothers are coming today. Or, at least 2 of them are. Mark and Steve along with their families. I think it’s the first time Una and Tristan meet each other. Ray, Joyce, Jackie, and James are coming as well. I was hoping to have the dinghy and outboard in Bayfield by now, but it appears the van has a fuel leak in it, and it’s booked to go to the garage tomorrow morning before that can happen. Then the battery in it died last night, I think when I was running the air pump off the back to fill up the wagon wheels so Tristan could us the wagon. And it’s making a funny clicking sound when you try to start the van as well. Here’s hoping, it’s nothing too serious, and it’s just the battery. If it’s the starter, I’m not sure how I will get it out of the drive way without a tow. Ahh, here’s to being optimistic. Yesterday, by downloads for the free version of “Endings” my first novel went back up for the first time in 5 days or so, and it looks like someone actually bought a copy of it off of It’s not showing as free in every country, so that must be why I’m making cash sales off it. Oh yea, and I finally did get a readers review of the book as well. I’m not sure the person actually read the book. It’s a pretty generic review. Makes me think, that the person who wrote it, is just building up some sort of profile on Amazon for other purposes. Like maybe gaming the system in some way and selling the service of reviews later on down the line. At least they gave me a 5 start review, which, I’m sure couldn’t hurt to give the book a bit of a boost. Maybe it will start selling a bit more. Who knows. I still haven’t sold a copy of the second book yet, except for that first one that sold on one of the Draft2Digital platforms. Not even sure which one it sold on, but it did sell for 2.99 so that’s alright. It was kind of a random sale though. Someone probably bought it by accident. So, time to get the third book out there, then perhaps I could start doing a little promotion. Or not. Maybe just get the fourth and fifth ones written. Still need to get my word count up there, if I mean to start making more sales. Any sales? That’s more like it. I like the idea of just writing, and not having to promote stuff. It’s interesting seeing how the first book is starting to get a little traction. More like a trace of traction. And, it is only a free book. Probably, if I can get more of them out there … and at a longer length then thing should get better. Especially, if I could get them consistently over 200 pages. I think, then readers would be more likely to make those kinds of purchases. Then you can set a 2.99 price. That’s where you really need to be at. 200 pages, is likely more around 60 to 70K words, which if you can get your production up, should be doable on the schedule you sent to Emily. I’m sure, she wouldn’t complain about editing 60K or so words instead of 50K Just need to get your word count back up to 5K per day. Haven’t quite gotten there since the week I did it. Not quite sure yet, why I haven’t hit those numbers again. It does seem to be more difficult. It could be because I’m just not so verbose with the writing. My inner critic has more of a voice, and that’s not entirely a bad thing I don’t think. I don’t want to give him too much control. But there’s certainly no reason why you can’t write at a pace that will put you back up into that word count bracket again. It’s just I think a question of getting into the zone, and not worrying so much. Write write write … la la la. Have fun with it. I don have fun with writing these morning journals. They’re not a big deal, and I still do them every day without fail. Just like I’m about to finish this one. I should just launch into my novel, the same way I launch into these. Head first without looking.

TIGERBLOOD: some DAILYMOOD: good (mostly) LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 1800 PUSHUPS: 4:00 wall sit TODO: write, jump start van, inflate dinghy TV: broad street bullies documentary, magic johnson & larry bird documentary BOOK: none GAME: Vessel, Dead Space 3 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: none SNACKS: orange, almond butter, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12 & 1 AWAKE: 7:00

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