Morning Pages Entry – July 10, 2014

Well, yesterday was a bunch of fun. We had quite a big crew over yesterday here at the house, and it was quite a blast. Too mad David can’t be here, which reminds me, I do need to send him a message, and see when we can skype him in. I’ll do that, as soon as I’m done with this. While, I don’t normally talk about my writing much with others, I’m still pretty hesitant about, but Mark whom I asked to do some editing for me, brought it up yesterday, and we inevitably had a more public conversation over it. It was just Mark and Steve and I. Not the whole group. Which is ok. I’m still not ready to have a conversation with just anyone, or talk with just anyone about being a writer, but I found yesterday, that I did have a bunch to say on the topic. It is a niche, that I’m sort of passionate about obviously, and I do have a bit of insight to share on the topic. It’s one of those conversations, where I do actually have a lot to say on the topic, and it would really be nice to have someone I can talk to about stuff.  Not, that I need anyone to cheerlead me over the subject, but sometimes, you need someone who can give honest unbiased feedback, that can help you point out areas of weakness in a constructive format. It’s what a newbie writer really needs. So the other concern to have here, is how much writing will you really be able to get done while everyone is around. I would like to be getting up at 6, and getting at least a thousand words done, but I’m not sure my head is in a space that will let that happen. It would be good though, if you at least came up with a few writing points for the next bunch of scenes. I hesitate, to use the term MRUs (motivational reaction units), but that is sort of what I mean by writing points. I’m concerned a little now about how much structure your wrapping yourself up in when writing stories. Although, I’m not totally sure about that. It’s hard to know, if it’s too much structure that’s getting the better of me, or just that I haven’t got used to the structure I’m trying to learn. It works well for a lot of people, and I really haven’t practiced it all that much. So, there’s a very real chance, that it has more to do with a lack of practice on the topic then anything else. So don’t go too crazy with it maybe, but don’t totally throw it out either. I think sometimes, I need to write things that are totally MRUs, and perhaps that’s the way to go. Allow yourself to stray a bit from them, but always try to come back to them, and make sure you’ve fufilled them. So, let’s do try and come up with some good ideas, before all the socializing gets going again today. I still, didn’t get all the leaks out of the dinghy, but that’s alright. I think it’s doable the way it is now. We just have to keep pumping it up every once in a while. Looks like, it’s going to be a pretty nice day again today, which is sort of cool. It’s nice to be able to have everyone outside on the patio for a little socializing. Although, it did get a bit cool out there last night. It’s really nice having everyone around for the next few days, and I know, that it’s going to be sad to see them go, but it’s all about living in the moment, and enjoying everyone. The two little ones Una and Tristan, are especially nice to have around. There calmer then I expected them to be, that’s for sure. Anytime we’ve seen Una on skype over the last few years, she’s always been so exciteable, I was expecting her to be more crazy, but she’s really not. They do get along pretty well I would say, and they’re pretty calm with each other. Tristan, certainly enjoys playing with all the old toys we have around here. That one mountain/railroard/game was a big hit with him. I had no idea that we still had that game, but it was out there in the garage. It was almost sold at one point, but he certainly had a good time with it. I think the best toy for Una is Sam and Jen. They certainly enjoyed themselves.

TIGERBLOOD: sure DAILYMOOD: partying LOCATION: home living room WORDSWRITTEN: 1200 PUSHUPS: 2:15 plank TODO: message Dave, some writing ideas, visit TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: almonds, avacado, olives, DINNER: roast pork, veggie salad, brussel sprouts, SNACKS: orange, grapes ALCOHOL: wine … lots of wine, 2 beers BEDTIME: 11:30 AWAKE: 7:00


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