Morning Pages Entry – July 13, 2014

Well, nearly submerged the dinghy last night. It was already leaking on the one side, and I had the cork in on the bailer, and it rained a shitload last night, and I woke up this morning with a very lopsided dinghy. The added weight of having the engine on it certainly didn’t help. Even my air pump, which I left in the dinghy was full of water … pumping it made it blow steam like a whale out of it’s porthole. So, once I got the water out of the airpump, and pumped up the side of the dinghy that needed air, then I was able to bail it out properly. I started bailing it first, but part of the transom was actually totally under water, and it was coming in as fast as I could bail it out. So, that was sort of a wasted effort. But, once the one side was afloat again, the transom came up, and I was able to bail without water continuing to pour into the dinghy. So, it’s sort of a yucky day here, but we’ll find stuff to do I’m sure. There is the finals of the world cup going on at today, and I’m sure a bunch of people will want to go and watch it on the big TVs over at Boston Pizza.  So, we’re a little late getting this morning journal out, but here at least it is. The books seem to be doing ok still. They’re continuing to get a bit of traction, and the second book in the series is getting sales. There are no bad reviews so far, which I suppose is a good thing. We’ll see how that goes. There’s just the one good review so far for the first book “Endings”. A few good reviews for the paid book “Revealed” wouldn’t be a bad idea, and I still don’t have any signups for my mailing list, but I’m remaining hopeful. If I start to get enough people pushed through the first book, once I start promoting (advertising on FB I think) then it should get good. I just need to get that third novel out, and really start to crank up the pace of writing. But things, seem to be going pretty ok so far. It’s good. Kind of what I had expected. Once I really start pushing things it will get interesting. Yesterday was actually pretty fun with the dinghy on the water. Took a few people out for a ride including Tristan and Una. Una really got a kick out of it I think. Not sure that Tristan was as thrilled about the whole thing, but I think he sort of enjoyed it. Not sure how much we’ll do it today with the dinghy ,but we’ll see. The tall ships were here, but the one boat that was really cool, was the 42 foot Formosa that Jake has for sale, that he brought over. What a piece of art. I’ve never been that close to so much beautiful wood work in my life … and on a boat. It was really incredible. I couldn’t see all the way inside, when I paddle boarded over, but what I could see, was pretty spectacular. The head door was totally engraved wood, with a sailboat in the top half, and some other ornate carvings in the bottom half. It would be pretty cool, to have a look at the inside. Perhaps we’ll walk over and see if we can get a peek inside. That would be pretty cool. Maybe, the kids would get a kick at looking inside the tall ships today. I think Tristan most certainly would. Probably Una as well. We’ll have to see what they want to do. It would be nice to get to some more writing on the novels today, or any day, but I’m way out of routine it seems to get that sort of thing. And drinking beer in the evenings certainly doesn’t help with the whole thing. Anyways, lets get on with the day, and have some fun with the family.

TIGERBLOOD: yep DAILYMOOD: fun LOCATION: bayfield boat WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: soccer game, hang out, patch dinghy TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: paddle board WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: chicken, veggies, salad SNACKS: orange, grapes, mixed nuts ALCOHOL: 4 beers BEDTIME: 12:30 AWAKE: 4:30 & 9:00


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