Morning Pages Entry – July 14, 2014

Met Helens new friend yesterday Richard. A british guy. Not sure what to make of him yet. He seems very friendly for sure. Quite talkative about a number of things, including sailing, and very informative. In his late 60’s and in incredibly good shape for someone of that age. An avid swimmer and pretty active fella. So, it rained again last night … the weather seems to be conspiring against me, to sink my dinghy. I really should, haul it out of the water today, and see if I can get that 4th hole patched. I certainly hope, that it’s the last one. It’s a very obvious one for sure, and if I can get the thing to hold onto air, that would be great. I’ll use the patches that Wayne gave me, and try to return that stuff I got from Ron’s shop yesterday. That stuff was definitely way over priced. $50 for a big honkin can of glue. What the heck is that all about. I need to stop drinking beer, and get some real writing done. This hanging out with the brothers is fun and all, but not so good for my writing career, that’s a given. The free book out there is doing pretty good, I suppose. It continues to see bout 30-60 downloads per day, so about 1000 per month, which, I would hope, would translate into some sales of the second one, and there have actually been 3 sales of the second book. I know, their not the greatest books, but that’s ok, we’re just getting going. I think, I’ve had about 400 downloads, so we seem to be converting at around 10% or a little less. Not to great, but a start. If I can get that higher, and get some longer better quality books, then advertising will begin to make more sense. We’ll see. Here’s to hoping that the rain is done with us for the next little while. I’m getting a bit tired of it. Although, I do suppose, that it did chase us off to bed at a decent hour last night, instead of staying up too late, and drinking too much. Haven’t checked the weather report for today, but it would be nice if the sun comes out and gave us a bit of a breeze to go sailing with. Will have to see how many people we have … 10 I guess, which is quite a few to go sailing with, especially with the little ones. If the conditions are good it would be ok … meaning if the conditions are light, it would be ok, but we’ll have to see. The first thing, would be to get the dinghy out of the water today to start with, then go from there. I wish I had like 6 books out there on the shelf to sell. I really do. Then, I think things would really be clicking along money wise. I so, need to see some progress in that department. Sure, doing it for the love of the writing is the right approach, but getting some reward for doing it that way, is important as well. I need to have a little more financial freedom to move and do some more interesting stuff. Gotta get to more writing. I should be doing more writing on the blog as well I think. Even, if your offering rebuttals to other writers out there, like Hugh Howey and Kornath. That may get you some attention to start with. Not a bad way to get going.

TIGERBLOOD: uh huh DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: bayfield boat WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: patch dinghy, go sailing, write TV: none BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: nuts, avacado, DINNER: hamburger, sausage, salad, tomato SNACKS: orange, nuts, grapes ALCOHOL: 4 beers BEDTIME: 11:00 AWAKE: 7:45


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