Morning Pages Entry – June 09, 2104

Well, today is kind of a big deal. It’s the day, I’m supposed to hand over my manuscript to Emily for editing. I’m not nearly as far along with it as I had hoped, given, that I didn’t polish it up and add as many extra words as I had hoped, but none the less, perhaps it’s just time to hand it over. Editing can become an endless loop sort of exercise, so it’s likely, that it’s just as well you give it up now. The last week and a half, I’ve been somewhat distracted with this whole30 food preperation thing, so I haven’t been getting as much work done as I had hoped, but whatever. Just hand over the manuscript, and let Emily do her thing with it. You can spend the next couple of weeks, doing a cover, and other admin stuff you’ve been putting off for a while. I could also, get started on outlining the next novel. I do want take a few of the things I’ve learned, and structure the next one mucho better. I feel like doing this first one, I’ve spend a lot of time going back, and redoing things that I shouldn’t have had to, if I had just structured it right from the beginning. So, here’s to starting off better on the right foot with the next one, and getting it right from the beginning. At least more right then I did with the last one. A little more preperadness and thought into it from the beginning, should hopefully make it faster to write, and a better book for the readers. I like the book I started reading by Anne Lammot while we were away at the Swim Meet in Brock, called Bird by Bird. It’s about writing, but not so much a how to in any technical sense, but more of another writers thoughts and discussion on the whole writing process. It’s more of a conversation between her and the reader, about being a writer and how a writer thinks, and goes about living their life as a writer. It is broken down into specific writing categories, but is also very practical when it talks about the whole process. It’s motivational for sure, and perhaps the kind of book you should be reading while learning the craft. Perhaps more so, then the technical stuff like “The Selling Writer” book (which I’ve had for almost a year, and still haven’t finished yet). I have to sort of compare it to “The War of Art” book that I read last summer. It’s more about what to think about, and the kind of attitude it’s helpful to have as a writer. Which, I think is great for getting your head in the write space for writing. Perhaps, I should read a chapter of it every morning, before starting to write … or, perhaps after I’ve done some writing, just so I’m not procrastinating on the whole writing thing. I should, be able to start writing, and writing every day, even when I’m editing something else. You should really be writing two different projects at the same time. I do like the idea of that. You should have a serial going on, and a full blown novel going on at the same time as well. You could get the best of both worlds, and that way, always have something your working on. Even, if your editing the first one, which, you should be doing as you go along now, there’ll be no need to devote all your working hours to just editing. You should always have some writing to do. It’s better for you skills, and better for your well being, if you write something every day. Writing 2500 words on the serial every day, get’s you to publishing publishing every couple of weeks or so. I should read some of those serial novels (romance?), and see what they’re all about. It would be an interesting exercise I think to write in that genre, and perhaps bring some of that romantic nature back to your other novels. That would indeed be an interesting story. Make up a fun pen name, and just go for it. You could, have one of these novels ready to go, before Emily is done editing your current novel. That would be sort of cool. I’m still undecided as to whether to publish my first as one big novel, or in several parts. If your going to do a serial anyways, then maybe, you should just publish it as one big one. I need to write more … I really do.

TIGERBLOOD: yea DAILYMOOD: tired of swim meets LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: none TODO: write, covers, outline, admin kdp stuff, Jessica special olympics TV: that 70s show BOOK: Bird by Bird GAME: 2048 EXERCISE: walked a bit WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: eggs, pork LUNCH: none DINNER: small ass salad, leftover chocolate chili SNACKS: grapes, 3 lara bars, ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 11:00 AWAKE: 6:15


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