Morning Pages Entry – June 15, 2014

Woah, I always sleep so much at the boat. I did wake up around 6:30, and made a mad dash to the washroom, but sam was still asleep (it’s just the two of us up here), and I thought I’d lay back down for a few minutes. Next time I look at my watch, it’s 9:44 … woah big sleep in. Ah well, I suppose that’s only fair, that I get to sleep in extra since it is fathers day. Fathers day number 20 for me, thanks to Jenifer. Maybe it was because we had the heater cranked up so high, and it was warm in here that I slept so much. Although the last time I was here, I slept a whole bunch as well … but, then again we had the heater cranked up that day as well. I haven’t slept on the boat yet this year without having the heater cranked up. It was pretty cold at first, when I went to sleep, and even sleeping with my long pants, socks, and tshirt, it was pretty cool. I’m not sure I liked sleeping in that much. I didn’t get my online time really this morning before Sam got up. I was reading some rather interesting stuff on the Kindling facebook page, before I fell asleep last night. And, it’s not like I went to bed all that late, it was around midnight. Almost 10 hours sleep is quite a bit for me. I did find an interesting video about writing structure last night, the one that uses a “W” shape for story boarding, and it had a rather interesting concept for thinking about events in your story. It talked, about coming up with all the different events you could think of that could happen your story. Just brainstorm a bunch of different things that could happen, in no specific order, and it called all those events “islands”. Then, it used the “W” storyboard to arrange all those islands in approprite sequence for falling, and rising actions. There were periods, where things were getting worse for your heroes, in which case you would use the events that made things bad. It didn’t have to be continusously bad … you could have little blips of good things, but in general the progression should be bad, until the story starts to take a turn for the better, in which case, you would use events that supported that upward swing. I’ll have to watch it again, but it was pretty interesting I thought for thinking about story structure. Your going to have to be careful, that you don’t get too wrapped up in story structure and finding all these methods, without picking one and going for it. None of that analysis paralysis crap is necessary in this here adventure. You’ve got enough procrastination battles to be waged, without coming up with another one. Either way, it’s another interesting way of coming up with a good structure, and you never know which concept will stick with you. I did particularly like the idea of brainstorming “islands” of events that could happen throughout the story. I think I may do that a little more for this second book, and see what kind of stuff I could come up with. I would think, that I should be able to dream up lots of different events. Events are easy I think. Just a random bunch of things that take place. If I get good at it, I should come up with tons of stuff, and there’s nothing to say, you can’t go back, and come up with a whole bunch more later on. Cool. I really like being up here at the boat. I so need to spend more time up here, like multiple days in a row, to really get in the rhythm of being here and doing some good writing. I think, that’s going to be so cool this year. This is a good place to get some writing done. It just get’s my brain in a different place. You should get your taxes out of the way, before doing so though. I don’t need that silly worry rattling around in my brain any longer. Maybe, I’ll get it done this week. Likely have to do Jennifers as well. Maybe even Sams. It is getting a bit late for it. Anyways, it’s time to get some breakfast going here this morning. We do need to put up the mainsail today, and at the rate I’m going, we’re going to be doing that around noon.

TIGERBLOOD: Yep DAILYMOOD: good LOCATION: at the boat in bayfield WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 25 pushups TODO: breakfast, write a bit, put up sail TV: documentary on 600 pound woman from TLC BOOK: none GAME: Sly Cooper EXERCISE: walk on beach WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs & tomato LUNCH: none DINNER: steak, asparagus, avacado SNACKS: orange, too many grapes ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:00 AWAKE: 6:30 and 9:44

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