Morning Pages Entry – June 18, 2014

Well, this is sort of cool, it appears, that my editor Emily has finished editing my first novel. She had a bunch of feedback as well as a bunch of edits. She was mostly doing a proof read, and not a content edit, but that’s what I wanted. The review she sent back was pretty good I think. It wasn’t too long, but definitely pointed out few issues with the novel. I only skimmed it late last night, so I’ll have to give it a proper read this morning. I’ll have to give some thought to how many changes I want to make to the novel. While it certainly could use some rewriting, part of me just wants to get the thing out there, while the other part of me, wants it to be as good as it possibly can, even if it’s the first thing I’ve written. I would obviously, like for it to make some real money for me, and the better it is, the better that chance. Given what I know now, about how story structure works, it could take quite a bit of writing to get this thing up to snuff, although, I’m sure it’s well worth spending at least a week, maybe two, making it better. You know, there where things you wanted to do, even before sending it to Emily. Maybe, with her feedback, you should make some better changes. Perhaps, I think more motivation and dramatic reasons for why the characters do what they do would be in order. I really do, need to go over what she wrote again, and I will, just as soon as I’m done with this. I’m kind of excited actually. I really want for this novel to be out there. I’m also thinking, that I may want for it to be broken down into two books. And, then have a third book written as soon as possible. If I could release the three books spaced a couple of weeks apart from each other, that would be pretty cool. Then keep releasing something every two or three weeks after that as well. That seems to be a formula that’s working well for a number of other writers. On another note here, I really do need to get to bed earlier. I’m getting into some bad habits of staying up much too late, like past 12 and almost to 12:30. I’ve still been getting up around 6:30, but that’s really not enough sleep for me, and I have been dragging my ass around these days. Gotta stop doing that. These next few weeks are sort of important, if I’m going to get this novel out there, and I would like to have both first novels out there before the brothers show up in a few weeks. If you published one right away, then you would have a few weeks to get the next one out there. It’s certainly a goal worth shooting for. If you spent a week rewriting parts of the first 20K of the novel, and a week with the second half of the novel, you could have the second one published by the time the boys visit. I need to look at a calendar, and see where this all fits. I need to get the next novel outline as well, with a little more care given to structure and story, I think, I could crank out a much better novel the next time. Your going to need to give Emily time to edit the next one as well. I’m going to have to give some more thought to this scheduling thing. I’m not really sure, if it will all fall into place in the timeline I would like it to. Better to get it right, then worry too much about getting it out there before the boys get here. A release schedule is sort of important. Maybe, you should concentrate on getting more of the next one outlined at least before you worry too much about the whole scheduling thing. Maybe you want to have it completely outlined before you get going. That’s the thing to do I think. Once you have an outline, then you can schedule some time with Emily. As long as you edit while you create your first draft, then I’m sure I can get it done much quicker. Each subsequent novel should be about 200 pages or a little more I think. Even if you can make each following novel an extra 25 pages the readers I think will appreciate it. It’s time to really get to work.

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