Morning Pages Entry – June 24, 2014

So, where do we go the writing today. Simple. Today, we need to do some editing of book two, do some formatting, and then publish. We have a cover, so that’s cool. I think, I like the first book cover better, but that’s ok. We’ll start with what we have for now. Oh, and after we have the second book out, we should update the first book, so it has links to the second book. Of course. I should likely do a bit of research on better blurb writing as well. I don’t think the one you have for the first book, is all that great. Maybe do a bit of reading up on them, before you publish the second book. I think there are a few threads on WritersCafe that talk about blurbs, and give some good examples. Maybe, even read some of the ones that are already out there in your genre. That’s probably a good place to start. I only sold one book yesterday, which brings the total to 4 altogether. That’s 3 in the UK, and one in the US. Will be interesting to see once I get the first one set to permafree what happens. Hopefully, that should bump things up a bit. Then, it becomes a question of seeing how many convert from the first to the second book. That’s of course a function of how good you hook them in with the first story. Not really sure, how well that will work, but definitely need to keep on writing. That’s the way to go. So, there is a lot to do today. And of course, I need to start outlining the next little bit. It looks like, the third story will start off with our gang in Fort Knox, which is ok. You could, likely flesh out more stuff in there. I should, probably convert that section over to Scrivener, and do the rest of the writing in there. I do need to get past some of this first time stuff, and start prioritizing the writing again. Even today, I would like to get more writing done. You do need an outline though before you start writing again. So, get the second book out there, then start getting that next outline together. Something, that makes things a little more fun. Something that engages with the reader more. And, book a date with Emily, for the next book. So, you have to edit book 2, format book 2, read up on blurbs, fix book one blurb, publish book 2 with a good blurb, edit book 1 to show book 2, check for a date with emily, and start outlining the next story for about 50K words. That’s what you need to start doing. Emily should be booked for about two weeks out if you can, but take into account having the family around. It would be nice, if you scheduled things, so you just had to write while they were around. Only writing, with maybe a few admin things would be good. You could, likely do some writing during the early morning while they’re here before they get going, then spend the day with them. Or, maybe even do some writing before bed. We’ll see how that goes. Chances are, whatever plans you lay out will get messed up. Ohh, and before you forget, you should let Tim know, that he’s welcome to come down to see the boys while they’re here if he wants to. Do that first thing today, before you forget. It would be nice to see Tim of course. So, it’s gonna be a busy day, but this is really exciting shit. Don’t get mired down in the past, that’s too easy. The rest of your life starts right now. It’s your call.

TIGERBLOOD: some DAILYMOOD: pissed LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 2:15 plank TODO: edit, format, blurb fix, publish, emily date, outline TV: orphan black, true blood BOOK: none GAME: 2048 EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 169 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: spaghetti squash SNACKS: orange, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:30 & 1:30 AWAKE: 6:15

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