Morning Pages Entry – June 25, 2014

Yesterday was pretty good, and kind of annoying all at the same time. Stupid kitchen sink wasn’t draining, so I spent half the day trying to fix that. I did learn how to snake a drain properly, which was an interesting thing. Always good to have another skill to add to the tool box. And I actually have another physical tool in the toolbox, that being an actual 25 foot snake. Of which I ran pretty much the entire 25 feet through our pipes, with no problem, mainly because there was nothing in the way for the snake to run into. I thought, that at one point, I almost got it totally stuck in the pipe, but with a bit of effort, eventually got it out. I did summit my second book for publishing on Amazon yesterday, and just waiting for it to get out there, which was pretty good. I also submitted the first book through Draft2Digital to get it out on the other available book stores, and to get it set for permafree. That’s another step, I didn’t mention yesterday, which is sort of important to getting things moving along. The next step will be to let Amazon know it’s set at a lower price elsewhere, so they will price match it. That should be interesting then, to see how it does, when it goes free for good. Then, we’ll see how much quicker things move along. I do need of course to get working on the next novel. That’s the key to this all. Getting excited about have more books out there, and seeing how they perform. I have been feeling, the urge to have more books on the shelf. It does feel good to publish another book. The more books you put out there, the more your chances of being successful at this. And, it’s another set of statistics to watch. That’s the cool part. I do like watching the statistics. It’s sort of like when you were doing the Google Adsense stuff. Watching those numbers climb was always fun. When they did climb that is. I do need to talk to Emily for sure today. Look at a calendar first, and see when you think you can have another story ready for her. Hopefully it won’t take her too long to proof that one. It shouldn’t be more then 50K words. The sooner you can book that date with her, the sooner you can publish again … and, that is a good feeling, being able to publish a book. So get on that boy. Got to get writing again. Got to get publishing again. At least a book a month. Preferably, a book every two or three weeks would be better. There’s obviously potential with this apocalypse genre, so get the stuff out there. The horses you have in the race, the better your chances. One book every three weeks is definitely doable. Especially, if your doing just 50K novels. That would be a truly impressive schedule I think. You could, have another four books out there by the end of summer, which would give you six books in the series total. That would be super cool. That should give you, at least something in the bank account to work with. Who knows, maybe they would really take off. That would be even better. Publishing at that rate would really keep you in the public eye on Amazon. That’s for sure. Time to get those writing fingers working. It’s kind of exciting, when I think about it that way. It, does make you really want to publish a bunch of little short stories, just to keep yourself in the limelight. Just another little series on the side would be pretty cool. Maybe a sci-fi sailing series. I’m sure, you could find a way to combine science fiction and sailboats … somehow, there’s a connection between sailboats and spaceships … I’m sure you could make that work. It’s an intriguing idea for sure. You could make them short little things. Just something to keep the pump primed for the Amazon. Would be kind of cool to have them working for the summer as well. Or maybe, you really should just pump up the schedule with the Parables series. Get a couple of hundred words done every two weeks. That wold be even better likely. One of the words of advice, was to stick with the one series, and get it out there. That’s a strategy I can get behind. Being so single focused and all. Let’s go … crank it up.

TIGERBLOOD: at times DAILYMOOD: pissed to happy LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: none PUSHUPS: 5:00 wall sit TODO: call plumber TV: true blood BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: none WEIGHT: 170 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: none DINNER: sausage, sweet potato, carrots SNACKS: orange, apple, almonds, pecans ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 12:15 AWAKE: 6:15


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