Morning Pages Entry – March 04, 2014

Need to find some focus and purpose, before I end up becoming a statistic. I need to get the books out there, start writing, start reading, start editing, anything it takes to make this happen, needs to start happening. I seem to be wandering aimlessly, being distracted by every little piece of crap I find on the internet, that does anything besides help me get some work done, and move closer to my goals of being happier, richer, and have more choices about how to live and where to live my life. This can’t keep going on, but I need to get past the feeling of just giving up. I think, that once I can publish stuff, and get it out there, then it will began to catch momentum for me. Having a number of books published, and out in public view, is only bound to gather me more attention, and hopefully, give me new productive ways to spend my time. Whether it be book covers, or interacting on social media with readers, or checking stats on book downloads and sales. They would all be better ways of spending my time, then friggin FaceBook, or imgur, or any other crap on the internet. Like, back when I was selling links like crazy. That worked out very well for me. I was in the habit every morning, of doing something. And it definitely was a habit, and there was no getting around it, because there was new stuff to deal with every day. Even on weekends. I sort of miss that habitual thing. Having that one thing that you knew you needed to get done. And, it wasn’t painful, it wasn’t difficult. You got it done. You need to think about your writing and your editing the same way. Make it a habit, a consistent habit. For at least 30 days, like you’ve done with the morning journal here. Once you get to the point where you feel like your getting somewhere, you feel bad, if you don’t do it for a day. I would feel horrible, if I missed a morning journal. That would feel like a defeat. Especially, now that I’m so close to hitting my 100 days in a row milestone. Only 8 more days after this. That will be pretty cool. I only tracked the writing for like 25 days, that is 25 working days, and you missed a bunch of mondays. Remember, you need to hit the 30 days thing. Once you do that, then your in the clear … mostly. At the very least, it becomes a habit. I think, what I need to do is to write at least a 1000 words every day, including weekends. I need a good outline to go with first, but maybe it should be like 3000 words during the work week monday to friday, but on the weekends, you should get at least 1000 words. That would be a good thing, especially if you can get to it for 30 days. You can still edit, and market, and make covers or whatever, but real writing for at least 30 days, I think would get you out of this slump. Right now, you just need to fix the editing thing. I need to know, that the editing work needs to get done with my current story. The structure is not quite right yet, and it needs to be fixed. It needs to have a bit more conflict I think, and I need to have a better outline I can look at, and see where I’ve gone with the story. So that, it makes a bit more sense, and mainly, I want it to be more interesting for the reader. There needs to be a bit more interest and conflict, to draw them into what’s happening. And of course, once they’re interested, then it’s only inevitible that they will want to buy more books. And that’s what we’re really going for here. Well, at least one of the things we’re going for hear. Creative expression, and happiness are a few of the other things we’re looking for as well. And, I think they all come together. If I can get focused, not be distracted by every little thing, and start taking steps in ensure, that I have a happy future in front of me. If I have a happy future, then it’s only a matter of time, before those around me have a happier future as well. Whaqt more could you ask for.

LOCATION: home office WORDSWRITTEN: 0 PUSHUPS: 30 TODO: read, write, edit, squash TV: farscape BOOK: none GAME: none EXERCISE: weights – FitFix WEIGHT: 174 BREAKFAST: bacon & eggs LUNCH: big ass salad DINNER: chicken, brocolli SNACKS: orange, grapes, apple ALCOHOL: none BEDTIME: 10:30 & 11:30 AWAKE: 7:45


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